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"Each work has to pass through these stages - ridicule, opposition, and then acceptance. Each man who thinks ahead of his time is sure to be misunderstood" - Swami Vivekananda

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Entered By: Sam Vonumu, Founder of Vonumu International from Silver Spring, MD, USA
Dear People at India Eye Witness.com, This is one of the best website for our People of Indian Origin. I live in United States and am always interested to keep a track of my motherland on what is going on. You are providing best service to all Indians with your Organization. Want to thank you very much. If every Indian who lives abroad help little bit to their native town/villiage/city, Our country will do much better. It will bring a great transformation in people and bring awareness of education.

With that concept in mind, I started Vonumu International www.vonumu.com . I believe that we cannot change the grown up society because they are afraid of change. That is why we started helping Poor children from slums, streets and other unfortunate conditions and putting them to schools so that they can get some education. This is one way, we can help our country and improve the living standards.

I sincerly congratulate IEW for their contribution to the society with their website. You certainly made a difference in life.

Best Regards,
Samuel Vonumu
Founder & Director
Vonumu International (Helping the Poor & Needy Children)
email: sam@vonumu.com
Website Link:
Date: 8/17/2005      IP Address:  (Hidden)

Entered By: Deepak , Volunteer, Centre 4 Investigation & Prosecution of Corrupt Judges of India from Bangalore. India
Site is far better than www.judgesplot4plot.com ;
citing 1,000 Indian Judges corruption [Black & White Evidences of Court records]; which crimes Judges admit themselves in Karnataka High Court
email: indianscandal@yahoo.com
Website Link:
Date: 7/31/2005      IP Address:  (Hidden)

Entered By: Sant .M ; Volunteer from Bombay
Good Patriotic Mind boggling site
email: constitutionalpatriots@yahoo.co.in
Website Link:
Date: 7/31/2005      IP Address:  (Hidden)

Entered By: Nagabhushan Rao Tipparaju,Medical Entomologist from Hyderabad,India
The word "GOD" represents Generator,Opeartor, Destructor
email: solvere@hotmail.com
Website Link:
Date: 7/25/2005      IP Address:  (Hidden)

Entered By: ramdas t. pawar from mumbai
u r doing great job. i will join u soon.
email: ramarchana@rediffmail.com
Website Link:
Date: 7/15/2005      IP Address:  (Hidden)