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"Concentration is the essence of all knowledge; nothing can be done without it. Ninety per cent of thought force is wasted by the ordinary human being, and therefore he is constantly committing blunders; the trained man or mind never makes a mistake. "
-- Swami Vivekananda

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My sister case  
I m from Bihar"Samastipur" my sister married before 7years but still her husband don't want to keep her at his home i cased last 1 year but police & court didn't catch him.Still his family also don't want to keep her if the police and court will do this how long my sister will wait for their home. I m from poor family and they r serviceman on money he is safe now. Is it right for our nation who always told that they take care of poor and women. Please help me in this case I just want INSAAF. 
Suggestion Posted by shatrughna from India, Country:
Date Entered:   2/25/2006

Video-taping the police station  
Some of you here talked about video-taping the police station. I think its a brilliant move. But we need to make sure that the tapes dont "magically" disappear. You know that ist a possibility in our system. I think as the public, we should pool money and incorporate this system and call it the Public Vigilance System. We are the top IT experts in the world and this would be childs play for us. Admission of this as courts evidence is what we would need to fight against. I live in the USA. Is there anyone in India (any part, any village, any hamlet, doesnt matter!) who is willing to take this up? I bet there is atleast one person here who knows a sub inspector or a SP and can talk to them about it. I surely will support this even its just an experiment to see how the police react to being watched. Waiting for replies!  
Suggestion Posted by Prem from NY, Country: United States
Date Entered:   1/24/2003

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