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"Concentration is the essence of all knowledge; nothing can be done without it. Ninety per cent of thought force is wasted by the ordinary human being, and therefore he is constantly committing blunders; the trained man or mind never makes a mistake. "
-- Swami Vivekananda

Suggestions  > Police System >

State Police to report to Governor: File complaint over the WEB. It is my Fundamental Right  
Chief of Police should report to the Governor. They have to tow the Politician's lines. They break the laws that they set. Then we can create an environment where they can act impartially and without fear of retribution for not acting favorably to the politician.
The police cannot refuse to record a case.
A committee +governor should review important cases and long pending ones. 
Suggestion Posted by Sunil Joseph from Dubai, Country: United Arab Ems
Date Entered:   2/19/2003

Bring Accountability By Law  
The rot in police as in most other government organizations be it judiciary, a PSU or a ministry is the same. The police have lost its independent functioning and there is no accountability. Political interference should be stopped thru a law; the police should have a merit-based system and be accountable to the society. There should be internal vigilance that the system works, improves and spots and gets rid of black sheep. The problems of poor training, poor pay and over work should be rectified. Means in effect made into a professional socially responsible force, some thing like the army where there is very little political meddling. 
Suggestion Posted by K Yogi from Delhi, Country: India
Date Entered:   2/17/2003

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