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"Concentration is the essence of all knowledge; nothing can be done without it. Ninety per cent of thought force is wasted by the ordinary human being, and therefore he is constantly committing blunders; the trained man or mind never makes a mistake. "
-- Swami Vivekananda

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Police and people are interdependent  
Police are supposed to be AWARE that they are not to act as they wish but realise that people and police are interdependent.Police are living their lives only through WE people and the taxes people are paying.They ought to be soft and not rough intheir speech or behaviour.People should not be scared of them but rely on them when needed.Don't know who can change them except the GOVERNMENT. 
Suggestion Posted by Sharmila,general administrator from bentonville,ar, Country: United States
Date Entered:   1/6/2003

Establish centralized Emergency call centers for every region.  
This will help to send the nearest police officer to the location, which can provide a better service to the public. 
Suggestion Posted by Kumar Reddy from Florida, Country: United States
Date Entered:   12/4/2002

Give respects and take respect  
A small Example: In USA, if any cop stops for speeding ticket, they will be asking for your drivers license in polite way. At the end they greet to drive safe. In India, Kaha hai tera drivers license? And they will bargain for money in next minute. We need a change in the way of the police dealing with public. Government is paying to protect the public, not to rule the public. 
Suggestion Posted by Kumar Reddy from Florida, Country: United States
Date Entered:   12/4/2002

Police should go into public to prove themselves  
From every police station, atleast one Sub-inspector should go to the villages, under his/her control area and talk to the public in a open place about their concerns and problems to be resolved. They should record the entire conversation and keep it for records, so that normal public will feel that these police officers will do the best and they will be happier to come forward and give any suggestions or to report any problems. 
Suggestion Posted by Kumar Reddy from Florida, Country: United States
Date Entered:   12/4/2002

Spread the word about how to report complaints against the police.  
From the little I know about the government bodies (both central and state) they all have grievances and complaints cell. We as a public don't pay much attention to it. But when we actually send a written complaint it might not have an immediate effect but it comes to bite the police person later (more so if they are a little high-ranking). Given the corruption and ineptness, they still have some value because it is one of things that goes in there file and affects there promotion. It will be a black mark, even if there are just one or two complaints against the person. It is a tool we all can use and take advantage of the system in place, however imperfect it may be. So, the police department should publicize the information so a common man would know there is a recourse to his frustration with the police. And this would make the police staff more responsive and maybe even make them treat people with respect and dignity. So, suggestion is to spread the word about redressal.  
Suggestion Posted by Raam Ramachandran from Chennai, Country: India
Date Entered:   12/21/2002

Expose corrupt officers anonymously  
As everyone knows police and criminal/politician link is notorious and it's difficult to break for a group of adarshvaadis like this forum. However, the age of misinformation or control of information is gone. As soon as a particular officer's corruption or mis-behaviour comes out to public, have people contact forums like this which give publicity to the misdeed. That's the most basic thing anyone can do without getting in the way of police 'wrath'! I have personally got into trouble with police for very minor traffic situation and I have seen the nexus between politics/lawers and police. It's not an easy task but 'exposing' tehalka.com style is the first step in curing this disease 
Suggestion Posted by Chicken_Marathi from Anycity, Country: United States
Date Entered:   12/24/2002

surveillance cameras is the best solution I think...  
I strongly beleive there should be surveillance cameras in police stations. You can prevent lock-up deaths and see how they are treating the public who come into police stations. These should be installed in many public places so that even people get scared to damage public property. Also after every case a police deals there should be a feedback form given to the persons involved in the case. All these feed backs should go into a database and these should be the deciding factors for any promotion or bonuses he gets.
Suggestion Posted by Srinivas Palakala from Boise, Idaho, Country: United States
Date Entered:   12/25/2002

Record and monitor all incoming & outgoing calls to police stations  
This will help to resolve the following issues:
1). No more recommendation calls from any political or influenced leaders.
2). Police will stop talking in inappropriate way with the callers.
3). Normal people will rush to call police stations for help in need and everyone will be ready to report about frauds.
4). Police will not commit any corruption-related deals at anytime. 
Suggestion Posted by Kumar Reddy from Florida, Country: United States
Date Entered:   12/4/2002

All these corrupt people should be educated that it is an evil.  
People in USA are enjoying the life. We want to see similar enjoyment in our Indian brethren too. Wherever we are we should not forget our motherland and try to kill the evils of our society. Wherever we are INDIA is our motherland and we will be indebted to it all our life. A sense of peace, trust and harmony should prevail in India. All these corrupt people should be educated that it is an evil. It is not unique to any profession. Big fish eating a small fish cannot be justified.
Just for information sake, America is the land of immigrants, mostly from European countries. They brought Africans as slaves and killed Native Americans. But that was past; today everyone lives in peace and harmony.

(Editor has updated the part of the contents... Original message has been moved to Discussion Forum. If u have any questions, Please send us an email and we will get back to you. Thank you for your co-operation) 
Suggestion Posted by Srinivas Palakala from Boise, Country: United States
Date Entered:   12/26/2002

People againt corrupted police officer- PACPO  
Hire people who's job is to arrest police officer for the crime that they commit and take them to trail like everyone else. if a person say that they were assaulted by a officer they should go to trail to prove their innocent like everyone else they would have to hire their own laywer like eveyone else which mean that they would have to come out of their own pocket to pay for a laywer and not be pay for by the state since the people is taking them to court we should have to fill out an complaint paper that goes to internal affair which they do not do anything but tell you that their certain level of assualt which they would investedgate and just to tell you that their not enough evenidence but if i assualt a person im pick up by the officer taking to jail a bond is set then i have to go to court for the charges. they do not have the same justice they have the law in their own hand. They have the judges that is on their side that would tell you that the officer is doing his job. they will not procute their own. In a lot of cases you have to take a plea because they will give you 7 years if they find you guility you cant fine a laywer to take your case. if you dont have money your out of luck. and what they do pray on the poor because they dont have the resourse or the mean to fight back. 
Suggestion Posted by darnell from United States, Country:
Date Entered:   6/21/2006

Stop using police for narrow personal and political ends of political leaders.  
Policing and delivery of justice is the primary and most important function of any nation state. Police and Judiciary are two prestigious institutions of any nation state. Politicization of these institutions and increasing corruption in these institutions are slowly eating in to the vitals of governance of India. There is an emergent need to change police training, especially investigative techniques. There is no more use of using third degree methods in police investigations. Those in police uniforms need to remember that in a democracy, the government is of the people, for the people and by the people and not a government of a few people for a few people and by a few people. Police must be made to remember the preamble of Indian Constitution so that they value each citizen and stop treating citizens like subjects in a Colonially Ruled Nation State. 
Suggestion Posted by R.Ramachandran Nair, Social Activist from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala State, Country: India
Date Entered:   2/18/2003

Government to Implement a scheme to regularly reward the police force  
When we trickle down to the lowest rank of the police force, we can find that frustration is the cause for they behaving in the most arrogant manner to the public. This frustration is due to lack of proper remuneration and appreciation. But for an annual Police awards and an occasional Honesty reward, there is no other means of appreciation for them. The government has to work out a scheme to regularly reward straightforward policemen by measuring their duty discharge capabilities. Such an incentive scheme will boost the morale of our police force as well as the public will be benefited in the longer run. Best police station awards have to be there on a regular basis. This has to be decided based on set criteria like discipline, approach, action taken record etc. Finally it will be win-win situation for everyone. 
Suggestion Posted by Sunil Narayanan, Dy Managing Director from Kuala Lumpur, Country: Malaysia
Date Entered:   2/18/2003

Reward Cops for good work  
Further to what Sunil Narayanan (Dy Managing Director from Kuala Lumpur) said in earlier suggestion, Cops are afterall human beings, thinking pragmatically, let us for a moment think why they look for a bribe. Their salaries are not good enough to normal life smoothly (there has to be contention too that what is available is enough). But since the nature of their job is different and difficult, they should be awarded (a sales guy in a private organisation gets an incentive for closing a deal or getting business) with monetary and other benefits so that such rewards motivate them to give more of good. Fog eg: if a constable and a sub-inspector (both traffic) are on duty and check vigorously for RC books, licenses, Pollution OK certificates, insurance et al, and reach ex-amount of money collected in the form of fines, they should be rewarded by the police department for reaching a "target". This frequent recognition would motivate them to do good job. Lastly, we civilians too have to cooperate.  
Suggestion Posted by Ajit, Business Development from Hyderabad, Country: India
Date Entered:   2/27/2003

Rewarding Police.  
Good work of police is already rewarded by Police Medals starting from Presidential Medals.

There are of course solicited rewards and that is corruption of all kinds. Such rewards granted by common man need to be stopped forthwith. If this sort of rewards are allowed to continue, the police forces will die due to the dreadful disease i.e. cancer of corruption. This need to be prevented at all costs. Prevention is better than cure. 
Suggestion Posted by Advocate from India, Country:
Date Entered:   5/29/2003

Stop this VVIP phoba  
as we know how there are some factors which devote these policeman from their duty.
and the biggest factor in this regard is the acess by which they are deployed to those so called vip's as there deployed for there protection for 24 hours by which there main duty is devoted so i suggest that they should be no such protection system by which our police officer are devoted from ther main duty
Suggestion Posted by javaid from India, Country:
Date Entered:   6/10/2003

There should be an internet site for each Police Station at this we should be allowed to post our complaints and could be even used to tip off the police. This site should be checked by the Police incharge of each police station and keep his/her Seniors up to dated on the on going and the progress. 
Suggestion Posted by Dean Dsouza Engineer from Mumbai, Country: India
Date Entered:   10/21/2004

Frequent property and account checking of police cops  
I think ministry should make a sprcial department.This department will haev a close eye on the accounts and property of the police cops.By this we can easily catch corrupt cops. 
Suggestion Posted by praveen from India, Country:
Date Entered:   10/18/2005

Sell the idea to the corrupt people that by being straightforward they stand to gain  
I feel that Policemen are human beings. (OK I am a Sales Engineer who has suffered manhandling at the hands of a policeman). I think the best way to remove corruption in any walk of life is to sell the idea to the corrupt people that by being straightforward they stand to gain.

The problem lies at a further deeper level. India is probably a country full of selfish people. If you recruit men from a lot of selfish people as any thing let alone police they are bound to be corrupt. There is no solution for this so far as India is concerned.

Every one wants a highflying job.


(Editor has updated the part of the contents... Original message has been moved to Discussion Forum. If u have any questions, Please send us an email and we will get back to you. Thank you for your co-operation) 
Suggestion Posted by Prakash.B from Bangalore, Country: India
Date Entered:   12/26/2002

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