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"We are responsible for what we are, and whatever we wish ourselves to be, we have the power to make ourselves. If what we are now has been the result of our own past actions, it certainly follows that whatever we wish to be in future can be produced by our present actions; so we have to know how to act. "
-- Swami Vivekananda

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Fight against Reservations in higher education
  Posted By: IndiaEyeWitness.Com / Date: 5/24/2006
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Quick Overview:
Government have decided to increase the percentage of the reservations to 27% in the high quality education by increasing the number of seats at all levels of technical education like IIMís and IIT courses. Itís good news to see more seats available for qualified students, but we think itís better to support the poor (Poor means financially, not by Caste basis) qualified students financially instead of offering reservations on caste basis. The quality of the education cannot be learned by joining through reservation, but can be achieved by reaching it through competition.

Why Reservations are not acceptable?
  • Caste based reservations creating more fights in the collages and encouraging the caste feelings.
  • We want India to be a competitive country with equal opportunity for talent, but not for castes.
  • We want to stop the migration of talented students to other countries due to the lack of infrastructure to house these future scientists and who knows they may be astronauts.
  • No Political Games, we want real leaders who work for all Indians and students, not for votes.

    What is the Reservation Process?
    Reservation, in India, is a type of affirmative action that tries to allocate fixed number of seats in educational and social institutions for various under-represented communities. It is stated as a response to the thousands of years of discrimination done by upper caste persons in India. Thus, when India attained independence, the constitution gave special provision for certain communities to have a minimum representation in various fields. The initial provision was to have ended in a few years, but the practice continues till now, and the government of India kept on increasing the quotas that, many Institutions have more than 50% of the seats reserved for people of various castes and other criteria, leaving very little for open competition

    Who should have Reservations?
    The reservations should have been for those poor people (Poor people are those who doesn't have enough money, but not those Castes that considered to be poor), but it's better to completely eliminate the reservations and provide scholarships to poor students to get to the higher education, then they will be able to compete for any jobs.

    What you can do?
    Now is the time for us to react and join hands with those who have started the hunger strike against the increase in reservations quota. From IndiaEyeWitness.Com we would like you to post your suggestions to those people who are involved or willing to join hands with them to start fighting on reservations in all sectors. Give your valuable ideas and join the revolution.
    1). Please use our New Discussion Forum to post your comments on Reservation system.
    2). Send your support directly to the PM & President
    3). Sign Online Petition-Anti Reservation, 2006
    4). Post your suggestions using the link below to fight against reservations.

    Save India, it's in every Indian hands. Donít be selfish, be a human!

    Remember! By watching movies you might have learned on how to put these politicians in trouble, so suggest some ideas, It should be short and simple. No assayís please!

    Wakeup, it's time to fight for freedom again!
    If you loose this opportunity, you will leave the future generations in the dark.

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