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"We are responsible for what we are, and whatever we wish ourselves to be, we have the power to make ourselves. If what we are now has been the result of our own past actions, it certainly follows that whatever we wish to be in future can be produced by our present actions; so we have to know how to act. "
-- Swami Vivekananda

Issues Posted > Politics:

Rotation of Mandal presidents in A.P.
  Posted By: Ramesh G / Date:
State: Andhra Pradesh   District: Any District   City: Any City  

In Every Mandal of A.P. there is a rotation of changing the reservation for one of the general, reserved cast or ladies. Because of this rotation reservation policy, each and every Mandal president will never know whether he or she is coming back in to the poverty, they are trying to earn as much as they can in every mandal with thousands of hands.

Please suggest some best solutions to resolve this issue. These solutions will be forwarded to the government of India and spread arund every Andhra people. 

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Telugu Glamour Industry and politics
  Posted By: PriyaDarshi & Surender / Date:
State: Andhra Pradesh   District: Any District   City:  

Dear Friends,

As we have witnessed a recent 175 dyas movie celebration Of Famous Hero chiranjivee, We and our friends have felt very embarrasing and insulting being a Ap person.Why and what made us to think about the Telugu Films industry movie events, which are being hyped unnecessarly.

So we all should educate the masses about the ill effects of this so called stupid movie influences on Common man.

Our friends are outraged by activities of CM CB Naidu attending this unnecessary events and wasting public money and resources, and creating lot of confusion, destabiliseing the variuous communities for his selfish attitude. We educated persons should write a letter to CM CB naidu about his stupidity and irresponsible attitude.

Myself and my friends felt shameful, what the hell the CM is doing in a Cinema Functions and he should avoid all this stupidity and focus on common man problems.

Thanking you...We welcome yur suggestions on this issue....

Surender, Lakshmikant, Rk, Anil, naveen, PriyaDarshi, Rajpal, Ravi...many more...


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Politics - Fountainhead of All problems and solution
  Posted By: Amit / Date:
State: Rajasthan   District: Ajmer   City:  

I think most of the issues facing India (be it poverty, riots, epidemic, corruption, education, un-employment, law and order .....) can ONLY be solved by having a robust political system. There are two parts of this political system (a) Politicians (b) Electorate.
How the electorate vote, determines how the politician behaves (i.e. if electorate considers caste to be a serious issue then politician (and political system) will focus on caste, or if electorate considers emotional relationship with the Dynasty important then politicians will focus on the Dynasty), so if we want to improve politician and political system, we Indians need to think about the decision making process of Voting and the factors that we need to consider for deciding whom to vote.

Suggestion: We need to find an answer to following question.
Situation: I have to choose between two candidates. Candidate-A and Candidate-B for next Indian Election for Member of Parliament.

Question: How, as a responsible electorate, should I decide whom to vote? What should be my decision making process for this choice? What information do I need to collect to make a good decision? 

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Eradicating Corruption from Indian Politics
  Posted By: Mahavir Arya / Date:
State: Any State   District: Any District   City:  

Selection of Dr APJ Adbul Kalam as a President of the Republic of India should be considered as a first small step in the direction of eradicating corruption from the Indian politics. The process of appointing a non-political person as Head of State will breed confidence among public in general that they can be heard by the highest office of the country. This might put excess pressure on the officers of the Rastrapati Bhawan, unfortunately, in the era of improved communication it is required that that all letters or email messages received be acknowledged.

Also, the State Governors should also be non-political and must be a resident of the same State.

The election system needs improvement. An educated person have a right to vote two votes. One vote is counted towards general right as any other voter. In the second vote the person must indicate preference to all the candidates. The candidates with the lowest first preference votes must be eliminated and its second preference votes be included in other remaining candidates. This process to continue till only two candidates remain in the field and the candidates who shall be able to get 50%+1 vote be declared elected. The defeated candidate be considered the elected members deputy and in the absence of the elected member from the Parliament/Vidhan Sabha he/she should be able to get his/her position in the Parliament/Vidhan Sabha. All State Assemblies/Parliament must work for the entire term.

These are few suggestions. Please submit your suggestions to eradicate the corruption in our politics. 

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CURRENT STATE of Andhra Pradesh Politics
  Posted By: Politics / Date:
State: Andhra   District: Any   City: Pulivendla,  

Dear Fellow Andhraite's

Let's all come together and express our views in this discussion forum and air our views on the CURRENT STATE of Andhra Pradesh politics.
There is a lot you all want to share/express on what's going on in AP today. Please make this discussion a Valuable Resource for the Future of the State of AP..

Mahendra Reddy from Pulivendla, Cuddapah(Dt), AP

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Politics: From lip sevice to real action
  Posted By: Gopal / Date: 12/14/2004
State: Any   District: Any   City: Kanpur  

Hi friends, it is high time that we stop our lip service to our country, which the intelligentia have been doing for last 50 years and sacrifice our personal lives to join the politics, like Mahatam Gandhi, Subhas Chandra Bose and Pt. Nehru did. Unless the political system is completely changed, India has little hope to become a developed country. And such a change will never occur by paying lip service through various e-forums. Some of the IITians at IIT Kanpur have founded Bharat Uday Mission - a social-cum-political organization, in order to completely revamp the present degenerative socio-political system. Visit its site (www.bharatudaymission.cjb.net) and introspect if you can be the Mahatma Gandhi or Subhas Chandra Bose for the 21st century India. Only then there is real hope for a developed India, when the best and the brighest sacrifice their lives at the altar of the motherland, like they did during the freedom movement.

Edtor Message: we welcome your suggestions to rewrite our political infrastructure. 

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India Awakened Movement
  Posted By: Vivek / Date: 3/30/2006
State: Uttar   District: Ghaziabad   City:  

A movement started by Engineers mostly IITans & Civil Services Aspirants which intend to groom individuals who are aiming to enter bureaucracy, politics or want to regenerate India by being a part of the system.
The approach basically focuses on Self-Development & Self-Empowerment themes.
The Ultimate aim of the movement is to bring a revolution in the political arena
but before that some powerful revolutionaries are to be groomed......

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Shame on Indian Constitution and Law
  Posted By: Rajiv / Date: 7/18/2008
State: Uttar   District: Ghaziabad   City: Sahibabad  

I am sure, India is going to be worst and worst, when MPs are criminal and coming out from Prision for making the government, Really shame on Judiciary/High court/Superem court.

It is just Shame on Indian constitution and Law.

That is one of the reason, young generation want to move out of this country as if they want to enter in politics(to save /change the country) then how and where.

We want to do something but majority in Parliement is of corrupted and criminal MPs/MLAs

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