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"We are responsible for what we are, and whatever we wish ourselves to be, we have the power to make ourselves. If what we are now has been the result of our own past actions, it certainly follows that whatever we wish to be in future can be produced by our present actions; so we have to know how to act. "
-- Swami Vivekananda

Issues Posted > Police System:

The Indian Police mission - Serve and Protect
  Posted By: Kumar Reddy / Date:
State: Any State   District: Any District   City: Any Place  

As everyone knows whatís the image of our police system in any normal Indian mind, I am writing very few things about what we should do to get this system on to the right track. I request all police officials to come forward and spend few minutes to let us know what we should do to get the corruption under control inside in the system. And what should be the government action to improve the civil police responsibilities.

We welcome every Indian to share the issues and concerns to improve our police system which plays a major role in preservation of values in public life and in ensuring the safety of every citizen. We welcome every possible solution to improve the system. Please help us to get the best solution to the problem. We will send all possible solutions to the government of India.
NRIís who come across some good policies around the world can suggest a better solution, which can be implemented in India†

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Corruption Control in Police
  Posted By: M.A.Joy, Kerala, India / Date: 12/20/2002
State: Any State   District: Any District   City: Any Place  

Who wants to control corruption? Of course the answer is ... the public. Do they have any power to control it? The answer is no. We as public can make many good suggestions, but, will those who have the power to control corruption listen? I believe the answer is no. So are we not wasting our time?

I think we should discuss - who can control corruption and what can we the public do to force them to act.

What can we do if they don't act to control corruption?

Let us analyse the PRACTICAL root causes of corruption:

If we take a State, it is the Chief Minister who has the power to control corruption - be it in police or any other department. Why he is not acting? Because he is the biggest beneficiary of corruption. There are two scenarios possible BY WHICH HE BENEFITS.

1. The Chief Minister gets a share of the corruption money.
2. The CM does not take the money, but he allows other politicians to collect the money and in return those politicians provide political support (MLAs) to the CM to retain the CM's chair.

These are the facts and what suggestions you have to address it? The solution to corruption could be found in those answers.

If a CM is determined to root out corruption, the solution is very simple. In Police there are any number of clean officers as well as utterly corrupt ones. In the current scenario the corrupt ones occupy the powerful chairs (Law and Order, Police Stations etc.) which brings bribes. To get those chairs for 3 years they pay several lakhs to the ruling politicians to get transfer to thst post. That is one way how the politicians collect a share of the bribe in advance without any risk.

The clean ones get the powerless chairs. (Eg Training, Reserve police, Computer section etc.)

By simply exchanging the positions between the corrupt officers and clean officers, you can put an end to corruption overnight. The problem is that the Chief Minister knows that but he will not do it because either:
a) he is getting a share of the bribe money.
b) the other politicians who collect the money will complain and withdraw support for him and he will lose his chair.

Do you think a constable will dare to exhort bribes from pubic as they do now, if his Sub Inspector and the police establishment as a whole is determined to prevent him from taking bribes?


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Lackadaisical attitude of Police officers
  Posted By: Anita Roy / Date:
State: West Bengal   District: South Twenty Four Parganas   City: Calcutta  

Last year prior to moving away from India, I had gone to the Jadavpur Police Station to enquire about the status of my police clearance certificate. I was taken to see quite a senior official of the West Bengal Police. He told me in clear terms that I should not expect the police to complete the work so soon. he told me clearly that "you people work in the private sector, so you have to work; in the government service, we do not have to force ourselves to work if we don't want to". We all know that in India nothing ever works and corruption is rampant, but I was quite shocked to be told this so directly by a senior police officer.†

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Main causes for the corruption in Police Department
  Posted By: Vivek Gupta / Date:
State: Any State   District: Any District   City: Any Place  

I think before finding out the solutions we should find out the causes for the same.

1. It seems that the salaries paid to the Police people are less, keeping in view the today's cost
of living. Since, everyone wants to lead a good life and when one is not able to lead a good life,
the person is attracted to the illegal ways and that leads to corruption.

2. Common People themselves are responsible for this.
For eg: We all know that we shouldn't cross the traffic red-light. However, many of us do that and
unfortunately if we are caught, we tend to offer bribe to the police people to get rid of the legal
hassles. So, this has given the chance to the police people to earn money by illegal means.

3. Another reason associated with the corruption is the job security associated with it.
The people who enter the police services always think that whatever they do/don't do the govt is going to pay them for rest of their lives. This mental feeling seems to be major block. So, the police officials don't do much for their cases registered and work only if the bribes are paid.

4. One of the major reasons is that the police people are dummies in the hands of politicians.
If some police personnel try to catch a politician or a person who is related to a politician, he will be
transferred to some remote places etc. So, they don't want to do that.

5. In the current state of affairs in Indian Politics, there is a big nexus between politicians
and criminals. The police people being dummies in the hands of politicians don't do anything and
corruption flourishes there.

6. For each action police people need to take against big criminals there is a big list of people whose
approvals would be required (which in many cases might not be given) and all this really kills the
enthu of the honest police officials who want to do something for the nation.

7. Apart from that, there is a set of people in the police department whose whole sole aim is to make
money by hook or crook. These are people who have made the whole system really bad.
There are lots of other causes also for the problem.

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Corruption IN Bangalore City Police.
  Posted By: Raj / Date:
State: Karnataka   District: Bangalore   City: Bangalore  

This is something I witnessed recently and also corroborated by many other folks. It is virtually impossible to get a case registered(FIR) in Bangalore City without paying the Police bribe. This is very frustrating as well as very primitive. I think itís of no use calling a City as an IT Hub etc and have a pathetic police force, which is after your money. I wonder when this will change how it will change.

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Illegal Allowances and benefits to police from public
  Posted By: San / Date:
State: Any State   District: Any District   City: Any Place  

Over job security is the main reason,
One knows "who made dacoit phoolan devi?" answer is our police and police system.
We have a good law, but law implementers( police) who are corrupt and hurdle to smooth law implementation.
Most of illegal works, cabarets, dance bars, illegal joints, whorehouse run by police patronize and the first customer is police.
If you stand and watch on the road, you can find a normal constable is making 1000rs a day minimum from the fruit, vegetable vendors, and hawkers.
In places like chennai, registering a f.i.r. is next to impossible without paying 1000 to 2000 rs for a normal person, even if you are successful in making f.i.r. by some recommendations or influence you will be put into panchayat and finally either of party will land up paying big amount, and one who pays more wins the fight.
in chennai, suppose your vehicle is stolen, you pay
1000 rs for f.i.r and after that you pay another 6000/- to recover the vehicle which may belong to any body else, and you can choose among the pile of other stolen vehicles.(you may not choose your own vehicle).
and you get somebody's vehicle with full police authority and court consent which is fabricated by police.
Even now police are involved with real estate people and they can work worst than gundas if they are paid sufficiently by land lords to throw your households outside.(there are live examples)

1) Food in most of hotels and restaurants are free for police
2) Fruits, vegetables, any goods from hawkers are free for police as they can easily fleece from them.
3) Red light areas- free for police
4) Custodial rapes-- obsession with many police
5) Misuse of power -- anytime obsession
6) How to make money out of two parties is main business
7) Dance bars, cabarets, illegal clubs are all running
with 10,000 rs to 1,00,000/- monthly bribe plus free entertainment
8) Free bottles, call-girls, gifts, bribe regular feature of our police system.

I suggest to replace all the police force with a new police system and conduct new recruiting process. It will be easy to clean the corrupted police from the system. †

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Harresment by Police in Kashmir
  Posted By: Imran / Date: 2/19/2006
State: Jammu   District: Srinagar   City: Srinagar-Gulmarg  

I sent some of my NRI friends to visit kashmir for their Vcation.Some of them were from kashmir too and some from outside- Aus& US.They have stopped the car in some place and the JK Police came from that place and start beating them for a long time on that issue.
Under which section of the Indian Law they beat them and told them that they will put them in prison? They are forcing the people to leave kashmir.†

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Filing an FIR against building contractor.
  Posted By: Aruna / Date: 3/23/2006
State: Karnataka   District: Bangalore   City: Bangalore  

I got into building our house through a contractor
through one known friend of ours in Bangalore. He cheated us and ran away with money, leaving the house halfdone.

Since he has run away we cannot continue the work
without settling the accounts with the ran away
person. Since he is not a good person , we have to
settle things to avoid future complications.

We wanted to lodge a police complaint, but again we
don't know how things work with the department.
Because I have heard things can turn anyway depending
on which party gives more money. So I am really
confused as to what to do.

Anyone in the group please guide me what is the right thing to do at this point of time.

It will be of great if anyone can help me with any
kind of pointers†

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Police talks indecently to woman?
  Posted By: anu / Date: 3/29/2006
State: Maharashtra   District: Pune   City: pune  

I was being harrassed by a guy for the last few months and
when I have approached the Police for help,first the SI(A Mullah) was
so reluctant to take the complaint. when I have told him
that the guy calls on my office no. as well as personal no,
his solution was 'don't respond to any other call except ur parents and relatives,
baat khatam,why do u want to lodge a complaint?'.
Is that the solution a police has to give when a person approaches him
with a harassment case?after requesting him for an hour or so
that I don't have any security and I see a danger from the person,
and when I said he doesn't need to take any action but
simply lodge a complaint for my safety,he agreed to lodge the complaint.
after that also while his subordinate was writing the complaint
the SI said "pehle lafda karte hain phir police ke paas aate hai"
(first the do lafda and then they approach police).
Is this the way the people who protect us speak? If a police only doesn't respect a woman,
who will respect a woman in this society.†

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the police force
  Posted By: sharon / Date: 4/3/2006
State: Any   District: Any   City:  

i think it is highly unfair that the police are the centre piece of india. i am from britain and from what i have learnt about the police force in india is highly unnacceptable. the fact that the police force are able to take bribes and take money from any poor man is not fair. theyre have authority which means they can not abuse it to fulfil for their own personnel circumstances. if a police enters a certain area, they can make up a story about anyone, and if not payed then they are beaten and taken to jail. the police system needs to be re examined.†

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