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"We are responsible for what we are, and whatever we wish ourselves to be, we have the power to make ourselves. If what we are now has been the result of our own past actions, it certainly follows that whatever we wish to be in future can be produced by our present actions; so we have to know how to act. "
-- Swami Vivekananda

Issues Posted > National:

Street beggars in Indian cities can resort to very aggressive measures
  Posted By: Kumar / Date:
State: Any State   District: Any District   City: Any City  

Collected from foreigners experiences articles and newspapers.

"Beggars in this city no longer want any small change but would like the authorities to demonetize and withdraw from circulation all the five pause, ten pause and twenty pause coins.
The beggars also urged the center to increase destitute and widow pension from the present Rs 150 to Rs 400 per month. They alleged that they were getting the pension for only two months as the officials took away the money after getting them to sign the papers. "

"Wherever you turn in India you'll be confronted by beggars; many of them (often handicapped or disfigured) genuinely in dire need,.
You will experience many, especially young children, begging from tourists. Their style is to follow you, tugging and whining repeatedly, until you give something just to get rid of them. In general, it is better not to give them money, because you will be quickly mobbed by other street beggars and you encourage them to hassle tourists. However, if you are moved, buy some food and give it to them as you are leaving a place (not when you're standing around)."

" I liked that place because of its location and actually there were no beggars outside. (Correction, there were workers-turned-beggars Inside: e.g.; the fellow who waited outside my door and then wanted a minute inside to show me there was water, pointed out
where the bathroom was, etc. Then of course wanted a tip)"

"They are mainly full time professionals and non-Goans. If you do want to do something for a hungry looking child or adult, buy them some food. Money usually goes to buy alcohol.
when a tour bus comes to a particular site, the tourists are immediate targets and are accosted by teems of beggars and peddlers, ragged and hungry and trying to stay alive. "

"Don’t give money to beggars; offer to buy them a meal instead. Pulling out money leaves you open to being robbed or mobbed by beggars. Also, be prepared to see many, many people begging for money—especially in train stations and outside temples. "

"All tourists sights have their share of beggars, in any country. Poverty that may be shocking to the first-time visitor, but many beggars find the lifestyle easier than working and travelers only see the worst side at stations, temples and holy sites. "

"Beggars come in all types, but none were more heart wrenching than the hundreds of lepers at the Kumbh. Many were wheeled in on makeshift wooden carts or carried on the backs of family members. They lay in the blazing sun, covered from head to toe with wool blankets. Partial limbs, bandaged with hopelessly soiled rags, protruded from beneath the blankets for all to see, but many lacked fingers, toes, or entire hands and feet."

"Street beggars in Indian cities can resort to very aggressive measures when targeting westerners. Many beggars are actually involved with highly organized criminal elements that canvas the streets daily for handouts. Often times, children are used to garner sympathy; some children are “rented” to beggars, and some have been maimed permanently by their parents to aid in the racket."

"There are beggars everywhere. Whenever one got out of the car, beggars would follow you around the whole time. If you took out five rupees, four hands would at once be reaching out to you. That kind of begging scene brought to mind the existence of the realms of hells and hungry ghosts here on earth."

This is common issue in any place in India.
How do we feed the real beggars who cannot work and have no support?
How do we get those people to work who are healthy can do some kind of work?

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Dowry - Gift to bride turns in to death
  Posted By: IndiaEyeWitness.com / Date: 12/19/2002
State: Any State   District: Any District   City: Any Place  

"Historical background of dowry in India: The practice of a woman giving a "dowry" or gift to a man at marriage is said to have had its origins in the system of streedhan (woman's share of parental wealth given to her at the time of her marriage). As a woman had no right to inherit a share of the ancestral property, streedhan was seen as a way by which the family ensured that she had access to some of its wealth. There is no clear proof as to when this practice was first started in India. "

"Dowry originated in upper caste families as the wedding gift to the bride from her family. The dowry was later given to help with marriage expenses and became a form of insurance in the case that her in-laws mistreated her. Although the dowry was legally prohibited in 1961, it continues to be highly institutionalized. The groom often demands a dowry consisting of a large sum of money, farm animals, furniture, and electronics."

"The dowry is given to the groom's family to ensure the bride gets a good husband. The amount given as a dowry has increased over the centuries."

"The groom's family constantly asks for more, or the bride's family can't keep up with payments [of the original dowry]. If the pressure doesn't work, there's an 'accident' in the kitchen."

"For nineteen-year-old Rinki dreams of a happily married life was never to be. Barely a month after her marriage, she was allegedly tortured and then set ablaze by her in-laws for dowry in Indiranagar, Lucknow."

"Many of the victims are burnt to death—they are doused in kerosene and set light to. Routinely the in-laws claim that what happened was simply an accident. The kerosene stoves used in many poorer households are dangerous. "

"The Indian government has reported that an estimated 6,000 women a year die as a result of dowry abuse in India. Many more are maimed and injured. 17 Dowry deaths were reported every day according to a survey report. "

" The prominence of female sterilization indicates another flaw in the India. India is currently plagued with a wide practice of sex-selective abortions, especially among the poor, since girl babies are actively avoided especially because of the burden of wedding dowries. "

Wherever the beginning is, where is the end? 

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Send a message to the President Of India
  Posted By: IndiaEyeWitness / Date:
State: Any State   District: Any District   City:  

The President of India Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam is the undisputed father of India's missile program. Since 1958, Dr Kalam has dedicated himself to the cause of the country as a Defense scientist. He dreamed of making India a strong nation in the forefront of technology. His hard work and dedication earned him the sobriquet of "200 per cent Indian" from his peers.

Dr. Kalam has spent the past few years developing the concept of "India Millennium Missions 2020" - a blueprint for transforming India into a developed nation. He calls it "the second vision of the nation" and says he wants to focus on the children of India to ignite in their minds a love for science and the nation's mission: a developed India.

Dr. Kalam's advice to the youngsters of the nation is to "dream, dream and dream and convert these into thoughts and later into actions." Also to "think big". "We are a nation of a billion people and we must think like a nation of a billion people. Only then can we become big."

Dr Kalam Says 'The first vision for India was to gain independence. The second vision for a country of one billion people is to develop into a strong nation, economically strong and self-reliant, and its people to be globally respected.'

On July 25, 2002 he addressed Parliament of India
“Along with speedy development aimed at elimination of poverty and unemployment, national security has to be recognized by every Indian as a national priority. Indeed, making India strong and self reliant -- economically, socially and militarily -- is our foremost duty to our motherland and to ourselves and to our future generations.

When the child is empowered by the parents, at various phases of growth, the child transforms into a responsible citizen. When the teacher is empowered with knowledge and experience, good young human beings with value systems take shape. When individual or a team is empowered with technology, transformation to higher potential for achievement is assured. When the leader of any institution empowers his or her people, leaders are born who can change the nation in multiple areas. When the women are empowered, society with stability gets assured. When the political leaders of the nation empower the people through visionary policies, the prosperity of the nation is certain. The medium for transformation to developed India is the empowerment at various levels with power of knowledge. A roadmap of realizing this vision of developed India is in front of us.”
“I am one of the citizens of billion; only the vision will ignite the billion souls.
It has entered into me; the ignited soul compared to any resource is the most powerful resource on the earth, above the earth under the earth.
I will keep the lamp of knowledge burning to achieve the vision - Developed India.
If we work and sweat for the great vision with ignited minds, the transformation leading to birth of vibrant developed India will happen. This song, when sung in our own beautiful languages will unite our minds for action.”

Lets join Dr. Kalam and send your suggestion to the respected President of India.
A voting will be conducted on the solutions suggested by you and will be forwarded to the President of India.

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Dowry Law
  Posted By: Sandy / Date:
State: Haryana   District: Ambala   City:  

In today's Indian society is the 'Dowry Law' really helping people or is it being misused is indeed the moot point.

I have a question for the Law makers, when the 'Dowry Law' was enacted did anybody think of the other side of the coin also vis-à-vis, misuse of the Law. In fact, I write this after being witness to many incidents where clever people are misusing the Law.

Unfortunately, it is the educated masses of our society who always misuse certain Laws for their own benefit and the 'Dowry Law' is no exception.

Everybody knows that this is one of the strongest Laws and people booked under this Law have no choice other than to lead their lives in jails. Some clever girls and their parents are using this Law to their benefit, if they feel that things are not going the way they want to.

In fact there have been instances where the bride's family has threatened the groom's family if things haven't gone their way. This has resulted in a number of innocent people suffering.

To quote an instance, an MTech from IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) and his family had to suffer the ignominy of jail under the current 'Dowry Law' for no fault of theirs.

The girl in question invoked the Law just because she couldn't get adjusted to the family of the engineer. It took the aggrieved family almost seven years to prove their innocence. The victim, who used to be a very intelligent person, has now become and nervous wreck and drug addict.

Just last year I came across another such incident. A friend of mine got married to a girl arranged by the respective parents. After the first day of marriage the girl told the him that she was not interested in this marriage, but she had to put up with it as her parents did not want to lose such a good income earning NRI guy.

She also told him that she was in love with someone else and will keep meeting her lover. When my friend objected, the girl's parents booked him under the Law.

One more instance is of a girl and her parents who harassed a guy just because he refused to go back to the US post 9/11. In fact, the girl creates such a ruckus that the neighbors always tend to believe her rather than view the issue in its right perspective.

He has written to a number of people including top police officers to conduct a just enquiry and sort the matter out. But, all his pleas have fallen on deaf ears. Will our judicial system mete out justice to such aggrieved males?

A number of such cases abound in cities like Delhi, but nobody seems to be bothered.

Why I am writing this, because I am suffering the same since 2 years, I am USA and my wife even tried to kill me, Though I initially informed police here but later my culture and Indian heart stopped me and I got the case cancelled , more over In USA this is very common she just had to attend a domestic violence class and that’s it, I know if it was me and I would have done the same in India, I and my family would have been behind the bars.
After that also she did not change rather she has become more aggressive as she knows that In USA nothing will happen to her being a female she has been able to get advantage of Women organization etc.

I am not sure whether the time will come or not when I will get the justice or I will have to live and die like this only.

Will there be a law to protect innocent males?

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Need to have a time limit for implementation of bills passed by Indian Parliament.
  Posted By: R. Ramachandran Nair / Date:
State: Any State   District: Any District   City: Cochin, Kerala State  

There need to be a time limit for implementation of bills passed by Indian Parliament, especially after obtaining Presidential Consent.

New Acts related to Intellectual Property matters passed by the Indian Parliament are yet to be implemented even after obtaining Presidential Consent for the bill from the former President of India Shri K. R. Narayanan. One cannot make out the Government's hidden agenda on this matter. Bills once passed by the Parliament should be immediately implemented after obtaining Presidential consent for the bill. Otherwise, why waste the prestigious time of Indian Parliament and waste public money?
If you have any suggestions, please post here. 

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No refund_deposit _Rs. 25,000+due interest against car booking peugeot 309 vide receipt no 64978
  Posted By: vpsoni / Date:
State: Punjab   District: Jalandhar   City:  

from:V P SONI
sweet house near shitla mandir jalandhar punjab India
Phone:91-181-283735 Email: soniteck@yahoo.co.uk
cc to indiaeyewitness.

Mr. Doshi
The Managing Director
Pal Peugeot Ltd.
Distt Thane

through Delhi Automobiles Ltd. Jalandhar Punjab

Sub: a request for refund of deposit of Rs. 25,000+due interest against car booking peugeot 309 vide receipt no 64978

Dear Sir,

I confirm to have deposited a sum of Rs. 25,000 against car booking of peugeot 309 vide receipt no 64978 through Delhi Automobiles Ltd. Jalandhar Punjab.

I also wrote a letter of cancellation no D/25/053 form no 135694 control no 83005 and requested for refund.

I also follow that you are settling some of the cases in above respect. I therefore request for refund of the amount along with the interest at the ealiest as this matter is long pending causing mental agony to me.

I look forward to get my grievances heard by your office at the earliest and matter resolved.


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Cable channels are distributing nudity free of cost
  Posted By: mohit chawla / Date:
State: Delhi   District: North West   City: New Delhi  

Showing nude woman, cheap dances, ridiculus albums and ads,
dirty picturisation, cheap dialogue-this is what our cable channels and movies are showing these days. cable tv should be named as an adult tv.cos not even a single minute can be seen with our parents and sisters. I want to ask one question from the honorable minister. just see 1/2 an hour cable channels with your family. You will be embarrassed many,many times. either you will switch off the tv or move out of the room. A bet from my side.
students today talk about only on one topic-girls , girls and girls. the whole environment of the society is degrading. Increase in cases of rapes, eve-teasing, glaring,-who is responsible for that-our own cable tv cum adult tv.
This is a serious request to the govt. to immediately ban this ugly stuff otherwise prepare for the worse. 

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Include Technocrats as Fifth Pillar Of Indian Democracy.
  Posted By: A. K. Patra / Date:
State: Any State   District: Any District   City:  

The Politicians, Beurocracy, Judiciary and Journalism are four pillars of Indian democracy. Beurocracy plays a role of execution and implementation of policies of parliament, govt., and of the international agencies.
Cultural integration, language integration, uniform social justice throughout India are possible when in all Indian Administrative services, the home cadre quota will be abolished and their placement shall be like defense, Banking systems so that one IAS, IPS, Allied will work in different states to avoid home state bias, language bias and the cultural bias.
No Home Cadre Quota in India Administrative Services. In the changing scenario with economic retraction, IT movement, the Technocrats should be included as Fifth pillar of Democracy. 

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Where to go???????
  Posted By: Kamna Arora ; Student / Date:
State: Any State   District: Any District   City: Any Place  

I am sending this mail as i think it will be considered by you positively. I opened my eyes in the world of riots in 1984. I always visualize my country as a prosperous , rich country. But sometimes i feel that do i really have a right to visualize this. I don’t get a single area be it Law, Politics, Medical, Media, Administration etc...etc... in favor of public. Everybody from a policeman to judges are corrupt. Number of cases are hanging in Courts. Why cant victims get the judgment quickly. It does not waste their time but Government’s also. Politicians keep on dividing the society for their Vote Bank sometimes as Schedule Castes ' Schedule Tribes , Now as Rajpoots , Brahmins. Why? I ask you Why? Are they get seats for segregating the Society. They are not on their chairs for filling their pockets but for doing services for us. They should be knowing this and should be forced to work upon this strictly. Our Ministers love to go USA, or UK but have they ever been to villages of India where there is no light, no food, no clothes to wear. Who will take care of them. According to a report by Sahara Samay, a news channel, a village near Assam Have people who have nothing to eat. They are waiting to get the pity of government on them. Are they not the part of us. What about the education of children there? Children of that village are also capable of making the future of our nation. Every field is full of Corruption, dishonesty. I have heard of the statement "Pehle Rashtra Dharma, Phir apna dharam". But now it has been changed to "Pehle apni Jeb Dharam,Phir koi Dharam". 

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Truth of Human Action/ values
  Posted By: A.k.Patra / Date:
State: Any State   District: Any District   City:  

In our life, we come across few truths regarding our life.
Truth is that one does or says and other accepts. Till it is not accepted, it is not truth for our society. To improve our human values we have to accept few truths of our action as mentioned below.
1) Administrative truth: When we do, propose, make a policy, it becomes our moral responsibility with the authorities we have. However, we should learn to be accountable to complete the administrative truth i.e., authority, responsibility and accountability.
2) Social Truth: There are many persons who does hard work and quality work. But those men and women who accept, motivate and finally elevate those hard working / quality persons in the main stream, they are really great men and women of our society.
3) Educational/ technological truth: Educational process/ technology changes with time along with advancement. So what was in the past may not be true in present scenario. The truth is that we have to progress with changes and advancement with integration and innovations of the educational process/ technological evolutions.

Hence, all politicians irrespective of their parties, religious leaders irrespective their religions, Beurocrats, Business tycoons, media, judiciary should follow the truths of human actions/ values in a spirit to make our nation as a developed nation. 

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Punctuality: Mandatory for any service in private/Govt/Public sectors.
  Posted By: Dr. Anil / Date:
State: Any   District: Any   City: makarabasahi,buxibazar,cuttack  

I learnt from news,(SAMBAD 12.08.04) that, Railway minister has taken tough stand in his ministry for punctuality. Actually, this punctuality philosophy only works in School and colleges, because, they have to learn.
But ,to improve work culture, quality work, effective working hours of the organizations, I strongly, advocates, persons working in any organization should implement it. Gate should be closed for latecomers and one day pay should be deducted.
This philosophy should start from Parliament, Vidhansabha, Secretariate, Ministry, Hqs. of the Organizations, Institutions, Associations meetings etc. The others will definitely follow it. There should be transparency in this matter such as, seniors has to set an example.

In all medical colleges throughout the country, this philosophy should work strictly for medical teachers as per MCI rules (possibly 8AM to 5PM) for teaching programs for students(Private Practice by teachers should be restricted during that period).

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Appoinment of Governors
  Posted By: Dr. Ani l patra / Date: 10/20/2005
State: Any State   District: Any District   City: Cuttack  

Names of retired Chief justice of India and Ex. Election commissioner of India (after 2003) should be recommended for the post of Governors of states as they have rich experience of transparent, proactive governance in the interest of nation. 

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Issue of Photoidentity cards to all members
  Posted By: Dr.Anil Kumar patra / Date: 10/21/2005
State: Any State   District: Any District   City: cuttack  

Photoidentity cards should be issued to all members by all Associations, societies,Governing bodies registered under society registration act for identification, safety, security,prevent impersonation, for security check up at various meets of the organisations.

It also help in certain way in the election process.

After information bill is implemented, it mandate for all office bearerers of associations, societies to issue photoidentity cards to all its members.

Supreme court of India can issue directives nationwise to all to be implemented through the subordinate courts failing which, the associations, organisations, society authorities shall be held responsible and accountable. 

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Creches in MNCs
  Posted By: Sugandha / Date: 4/3/2006
State: Delhi   District: East   City:  

Respected Sir,

I am working in a MNC as a software engineer. I want to raise a concern on behalf of all mothers who are working in MNCs.

Sir, because as a working woman now a days we have very tight schedule and can not take care of our children. I know in U.S and all other countries has crèches for their lady employee, so why the difference in India? If a MNC has crèche in U.S then they should provide crèches in India also.

Being a mother I am requesting you to regularized crèches for all MNCs in India. Today women are growing but our culture and family values are still same. We can not avoid our children. Please do the needful. I am really in trouble.

Thanks and Regards
Sugandha Mehrotra

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How to overcome family breakdowns
  Posted By: Rakesh / Date: 4/13/2006
State: Haryana   District: Rohtak   City: Rohtak  

I want suggestions form people to overcome family breakdowns in my nation from villages to towns and relational breakdowns. 

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Land grabbing
  Posted By: ravee / Date: 11/27/2006
State: Andhra   District: Adilabad   City: rangareddy  

Land grabbing is becoming a bigissue in hyderabad and it is proving the government's inefficiency in protecting registered lands.we register our land with the govt because we believe it will be safe and that is why we pay registration fees but what's happening in hyderabad there is no proper force to protect our properties.We need prime consideration 

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Who is blocking the roads ?
  Posted By: indian / Date: 5/8/2008
State: Andhra   District: Hyderabad   City:  

In hyderabad the biggest problem in every road is bottle necks which dont allow you to drive smoothly. Most of them are the small temples and dargas which are growing and expanding day by day giving maximum trouble to the public. Most of the temples are illigally constructed. take an example of the temple opp to babukhan estate. It was such a small temple when i saw it few years back . some people even say it was a milestone and it was made a huge temple now. there lots of other religious structures which are coming up on the roads. If the govt interefere there would be a big fight. i even dont know whether the government is doing something about this or not. If some body love these stucture so much then why can they build a religious structure in their homes. its all double standard. at the end its the public who is suffering on the roads for ever. 

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transportation, water, and over population
  Posted By: Anton / Date: 6/10/2008
State: Any   District: Any   City: most  

i was doing a report on india for my class and these are some problems i found out if you're interested. there's also ways to fix them.

India has a big problem with over population. It is the second country in the world to reach 1 billion people. The current population is 1,027,015,247. If the population doesn’t stop growing then India will beat China by the year of 2025. Because of the over population problem people are starting to fight for food and water. In some cities there is no water at all so people move to other cities to get water and new jobs.

Transportation is another problem for India. They don’t have a lot of transit buses. They also don’t have a lot of roads. That means that they can’t really buy cars because they would brake down to much which would cost way to much money and also paying off for the car from the beginning. They can’t use transit buses so they have to walk. That is pretty big problem because then the city gets to over crowded. That means that people can’t get where they need to fast enough because of no cars, transit buses, or enough room on the sidewalk to walk on.

The water is a huge problem in India. It is starting to run out. Although India is surrounded by water it is salt water and you can’t drink that. In most cities the water is dirty so people get sick and get diseases. That might make people die. That isn’t really good. The water is dirty and running out. That is making some people to fight over water in some cities which is bad and could start riots.

There are many ways to fix all these problems but I only know some. For the population there could be a law for people to only have one child per married couple. That could really help. For the transportation the government could make some more paved roads and get some transit buses into most of the cities. Last but no least the water. The government could have factories for water cleansing which could help. They could also make more plumbing head to the cities with out water which could fix the problem to. There are many ways to fix these problems but these are my ideas.

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complain against Mr. Goutam Halder ASA at the Hazarduari Palace Museum under ASI kolkata circle
  Posted By: Jaydip / Date: 7/27/2008
State: West   District: Murshidabad   City: Baharampore  

I have lodged a complain against Mr. Goutam Halder ASA at the Hazarduari Palace Museum under ASI Kolkata circle to the
Director General of ASI via speed post and email on 23rd of july 2008. But i have not received any feed back. So i request you to look into this matter and take necesssery actions.
I have given a copy of the complaint.
With thanks n regards

Jaydip Banerjee

Mr.Anshu Vaish Esq
Director General,
Office of the Director General,
Archaeological Survey of India,
Janpath, New Delhi 110011

23rd of July 2008

Sub: - Complain against Mr. Goutam Halder A.S.A at Hazarduari Palace Museum, (Kolkata Circle) Murshidabad, WB

Respected Sir,

With due respect I would like to state that I am a simple citizen of India residing at Baharampore, Murshidabad. I would like to draw your attention towards the peculiar behavior of Mr. Goutam Halder ASA at HDPM.
Most certainly you are aware of the installation of Close Circuit TV Camera with Recorder and Touch Screen Information Kiosk at HDPM. These instruments have been supplied and installed by a private firm M/S PC Concern of Baharampore. From the initial stage of the installation process Mr. Halder was looking for a person who could operate and maintain those instruments and asked Mr. Parash Choudhury (owner PC Concern) to provide such a person. So Mr. Parash introduced me to Mr.Halder and he asked me to operate those instruments. Since then I watched the whole installation process so that I could operate/maintain them better and handle routine problems.
The installation process finished at the end of April 2008 and I was asked to start my duty from 2nd of May 2008 in exchange of remuneration of Rs. 120/- per day.
One evening when I was returning home from HDPM Mr. Halder caught me on the way (near Notungram) and wanted to talk to me. He gave me a proposal that if I give him one lack fifty thousand rupees he will enroll me in his master roll and later recruit me permanently at HDPM in place of Mr. Atindra Dey who is now working as a computer clerk under master roll. I was really taken aback upon this proposal. After all I have a very good relation with Mr. Dey and he is one of my well-wishers. Concealing my astonishment I told him that I was not in a position to pay such a lump-sum amount. He then gave me another proposal that if I do some works for him he would advocate for me in securing a permanent job at HDPM.

He asked me to do the followings for him.

1. To collect information on the activities of Circle and Horticulture offices.
2. To watch the movements of Shanker Sharma.
3. To collect information on the activities of Shekhar Dutta and his subordinates.
4. To collect information of the contractors/suppliers of HDPM.
5. To collect information on the personal life of the Union Secretary Mr. Goutam Das.
6. To allow his son/daughter to play games and copy cds with the computer attached to the CCTV.
7. To keep vigil on all employees and casual workers of HDPM and report him secretly.

However I did not express any positive response to his filthy proposal.

Later he repeated his proposal but I gently denied.

Since then he began to frown upon me and behaved roughly on trivial issues.

On 24th of June the Librarian and the Head Clerk called me and asked me not to come at HDPM after 30th of June as per the order of ASA. I immediately charged Mr.Halder for an explanation to this order as I hardly received any intimation from M/S PC Concern to seize work. Then he said that he has chosen a right person permanently for operating those instruments. I was deputed only for two months to demonstrate the functions of those instruments and train some persons of HDPM so that they could operate independently. Then I brought this matter to the notice of HDPM Union Secretary Mr. Goutam Das and asked him whether ASA issued any order in the name of HDPM stuff to take training from me. When Mr.Goutam Das and other employees charged Mr. Halder regarding this matter and wanted to know the cause of my exclusion he couldn’t furnish any scientific explanation rather played economical with the truth. He even claimed that he is not aware of my identity and didn’t ask me to operate the CCTV. If so how did I get authority to operate an expensive delicate instrument which is related to the security of HDPM? Let me tell you that all Group D employees strongly opposed my exclusion.
Being a citizen of India I have right to protest against such fraudulent attitude of a Government Servant. So I request you to investigate the matter and take necessity actions. I promise to provide my best co-operation.

During my short venture at HDPM I observed the following misconducts of Mr. Goutam Halder.
1. He used to arrive office late. (Not earlier than 12.30 pm).
2. He regularly accompanied his son/daughter and they played games with the office computer and print huge amount of family photos using the office printer.
3. He made derogatory comments on Shanker Sharma.
4. He abused words on a senior employee of the circle office that triggered a pandemonium.
5. He used the office phones to make prolonged long-distance phone calls to his relatives and friends. (You may verify this with a detailed bill).
6. Being a Central Government employee he is occupying a flat of WB Government. How is it possible?
7. He used many un-parliamentary words at the office.

I again request you to take necessary actions otherwise the glory of Hazarduari may soon be eclipsed for Mr. Halder. Please come at a surprise visit to unveil more corruptions at HDPM.

Thanking you.
Yours truly,

(Jaydip Banerjee)

Contact: - 268 A. C. Road (N)
Po Khagra. Msd 742103 WB

Cell - 9434 442165, 9233 198356

PS: - Mr. Halder once commented that he has hot links with the office of the Director General of ASI and some Cabinet Ministers in New Delhi. So any official attempt against him will turn futile.


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Want to see India in the top most position
  Posted By: Avin / Date: 2/8/2012
State: Maharashtra   District: Mumbai   City: Gawanpada  

i would like to see India in the top most position. This can be done by inspiring n convincing people that country must be kept clean. i see people spitting here nd there which is really not a sign of development.i would like Indian govt. to stop people from doing it. i know it is very difficult people have their own views but at the same time it is not impossible. There should be strict law for those who spoil the surroundings. If i were a president i would have spent a day in a week to motivate people. please move the persons selling fruits n vegetables outside rly stations to a supermarket or complex nd move the greengrocers who sell their vegetables middle of the street. Govt. must build a complex nd they must be shifted there. by doing the above, places will look clean nd beautiful. I heard lot of people who tell India stinks. I agree it is just because of gutters kept open. while Govt. can give compensation to peolpe for no reason, why cant they just keep India clean. There are lot of people without qualification, why cant you give them some work. i know i don't have a right to comment on your job but as a citizen I'm worried.  

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National Planning to destroy Poverty ver1
  Posted By: Shivam / Date: 2/10/2012
State: Madhya   District: Shahdol   City: Shahdol  

Stealing,poverty behind all these event there is one thing and that is Stomach Hunger, If we want to remove this all the hands which are asking for money .give them some work to do .
1 . the first step we have to do is give them work so that they can earn money
2. There must be a single phone number directed to you if any one grabbing that money from poor people you can directly take action for that .
3. there must be tents for serving poor people 2 time in one day(like childs,physical hadicapped people,lady who can't able to go for earning do to valid reason.)
4. there must be education compulsory in all villages till class 5th .
5. these person can be employed easily because they can easily be trained to teach other villagers in this way 1 village can teach others.chain will not stop help those educated villagers in working for small cottage industries.
this can help people to work for themselves and raise there money by good earning and it will help to in crease literacy rate .
Thanks for reading


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