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"We are responsible for what we are, and whatever we wish ourselves to be, we have the power to make ourselves. If what we are now has been the result of our own past actions, it certainly follows that whatever we wish to be in future can be produced by our present actions; so we have to know how to act. "
-- Swami Vivekananda

Issues Posted > Law Order:

Laws to implement on corruption convicted people
  Posted By: IndiaEyeWitness.Com / Date:
State: Any State   District: Any District   City: Any Place  

A former Prime Minister convicted for bribing his fellow MPs to vote for his party. A former chief minister convicted of corruption in a land deal and another former chief minister and some of his ministers charge sheeted in a number of corruption cases and facing trial and another convicted on grass scam. The list is much longer. With all of them continuing along merrily, neither fear nor shame inhibiting them.

Isn't it strange? That in our society today, there is no shame in being convicted of a crime. No fear in being called a criminal. And the fear of being tried, prosecuted and sentenced being no deterrent at all in preventing these people, or others, from breaking the law. All these people will bristle at this label criminal being applied to them. But then, what else do we call a person who has been convicted of a crime by a court of law?

We elect our leaders to protect our freedom. But what our leaders are doing? From minister to cheprasi, everyone is in same route. Who will change?
Corruption is corruption in any country. Dealing with these cases is deferent, but we need to see which one is best for our democracy.
We request all lawyers including nri's to come forward and formulate good punishments on corruption convicted people and save our future generations freedom.

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Corrupt judge in Allahabad High Court
  Posted By: Rajeev / Date:
State: Uttar Pradesh   District: Allahabad   City: Allahabad  

* Conversation with Vigilance Officer – Audio Wave File
* Conversation with Registrar General – Audio Wave File
* Letter that CBI has forwarded to Registrar General – Tif Format

If the Judges go corrupt, then it is GOD who will give one justice when one go to heaven or hell. It is a Irony that I filed a complaint against a District and Session Judge who later promoted to High Court of Allahabad. I wish the God will serve HIS justice to Hon'ble Justice Umeshware Pandey, now enjoying at High Court and selling (Mis)Justice at Rs 100000 per page!!

Here I am elaborating what had happened. In 1994, two people name Parashram Agarwal and Mohan Lal Agarwal wanted to grab my father's property and in March 1994 they beat him and pulled his legs( just imagine the pain) making him handicapped for life. Then in court those guys were merely sentenced for 6 months in Jail, but they did not went for the jail for single day or hour and appealed to Sessions Court and then the corrupt Judge Umeshwar Pandey took the bribe of Rs 200000 in Criminal Revision number 13/2000 from Parashram Agarwal and Mohan Lal. It is a shame on Umeshwar Pandey that he cannot see a Handicapped man suffering for last 9 years and even then not given the justice.

Umeshwar Pandey has taken this bribe via his Steno name some G. D. Gupta.

It is the habit of Parashram and MohanLal to record the conversation while giving bribes on hidden audio recorder and the same cassette can be recovered if the authority try. It is been 8 months since I have informed various authorities by registered letters and phone calls from USA for no action till date.

I have spoken to Mr Jagmohan Paliwal who was posted as Vigilance Officer for no action till date and the recording attached is from Sept 2002.

Similarly I have spoken with Mr. K. S. Rakhra who was posted as Registrar General but no action till date, and the recoding shown is from Sept 2002 too.

Even CBI has forwarded my letter to Registrar General, but no action is taken on that one too.

I have emaild my plea to few High court Judges too for no response.

I just hope GOD is there who will give some justice. But the corrupt Judges should stop imitating as GOD they are devil actually.

The only solution can be people make a limit. How much money a person needs. I often think about a story that a saint refused to take the food as he already got the food for today and he do not want to collect for tomorrow. But I don't know why people want to generate money for 7 generations. If a careful analysis and investigation is done Umeshwar Pamdey has Black money worth 3 generations. I guess instead of Lakhs and Carore now corruption should be measured in generations.

Education is important. People need to understand the meaning of freedom truly. IF I say boldly India is still not free. People have mentality that they need to pay to Government officials for work. This mentality has to be removed.


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Indian Intelligence Service ( IIS)--essential in present scinario in india
  Posted By: Dr. Anil / Date:
State: Any   District: Any   City: cuttack  

Govt. of India should create IIS service apart from IAS,IPS .
Functions: 1)To investigate and find out financial accountability in financial matters related to grant of Money to the state from centre,International Agencies,Contigent grant, Emergency Grant.
2)To find out fibricated,false legal cases, investigate the truth of occourence of events in coordination with judiciary system .
3)to find out truth in the media reporting,cyber crimes,enforce medical law, intellectual property right etc,.

JUSTIFICATION:- Present scinario in the country , where EC is investigating CODE of Conduct srtictly, Govt. is planning to make law for cleaning politics,mandates such IIS service to help honest officers,honest citizens from unnecessary harrasment.
This service also enable to utilise newer technology like virtual communication system, newer concept of managing changes in the society.
This service will also strengthen INTERNAL SECURITY OF INDIA coordinating with military intelligence system,police intelligence system.  

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Owenship of the shop
  Posted By: s.sk / Date: 12/16/2005
State: Maharashtra   District: Mumbai   City:  

my brother bought a small stall/shop, but we have difficulty transfering it in our name, bcoz someone else has forged papers in his name, after all paper work municipality admit that the other guy had forged, clearly someone had taken bribe to put his name, but still its not done in our name, they keep sayin dont worry your papers agreement etc it right, it will be done, but its almost a year now, nothing done, also police keep harrassing him as that guy keep bribing every new officer who comes to local police station and bring him to shop, so much harrassment, inspite of we being legally right owners... what do we do...how to solve this problem, do we have law and order, i want to transfer the shop in our name asap, I WANT ACTION AGAINST THOSE CORRUPT MUNICIPAL OFFICERS AND CORRUPT POLICE OFFICERS 

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Torchured by blackmailing by girls father
  Posted By: kapil / Date: 4/17/2006
State: Maharashtra   District: Pune   City:  

dear all, this is also one of the wierd issues. i have been married to the girl whom i loved for two years, married against her fathers heartly approval. he started involing in all issues of our family life which made differences between me and my wife.
now she lives with her dad, and her dad blackmails my dad that he will spoil my and also my married sisters life. i am worried as he is rich , well known person and we are middle class family.
his father didnt allowed to register our marriage too, which he had a long term plan to seprate us and give me and my family problems.
we all are worried as my sister is married and she might be in problem along with us.
i and my wife use to stay alone at pune, with family visiting maybe @ once in two month visiting us in pune and same from our side. i have one elder brother married with a son.
we are afraid of her father/ she, filing a complain of dowry and torchur against us .
we have never asked for dowry and also regarding torchur , her father is only torchuring us by showing his contacts in his place in police and law areas.
actually as i and her father never talk, there is no chance of asking any penny from him, no ways. Please give me your suggestions to tackle this problem. 

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Child labours
  Posted By: Gnanavel / Date: 4/25/2006
State: Kerala   District: Any   City: Kasarakoti  

Dear All,

We have many things to say that India is our country and proud to be indians. But still, there are many issues which keeps and will keep India as only developing country not as developed. Child labour is one of the main of all corruptions. It is the normal practice and simple thing in a Village called Kasarakoti, located in the Tamilnadu and Kerala border. Here the childs are sold for 5000 rupees.

Yes, its shock but a real thing. We have Mr. Abdul kalaam as our president who is fond of children and their education. But still many police and politicians are involved in this case. Many male and female(!!!) brokers are the key to this cause.

Even female childs are forced to involved in sexual activities. Most of these childs are working as a slaves in the place where most of the people working in Dubai.

Even Police knows this corruption, they are not taking any action against these as many politicians are at back.

So please support this issue to save those poor people and poor children. 

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