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"We are responsible for what we are, and whatever we wish ourselves to be, we have the power to make ourselves. If what we are now has been the result of our own past actions, it certainly follows that whatever we wish to be in future can be produced by our present actions; so we have to know how to act. "
-- Swami Vivekananda

Issues Posted > Corruption:

Government jobs on Sale for open Auction
  Posted By: IndiaEyeWitness.Com / Date: 12/19/2002
State: Any State   District: Any District   City: Any Place  

Information collected from research articles and newspapers.

"Appointments for open auction, selling key jobs to the highest bidder. "

"`Who can pay the price', almost every government job, posting, promotion, procurement or license is on sale and appointments to higher judiciary are on quid pro quo arrangement. This has been going on for quite some time with hardly anyone raising a finger. Whether in cash or kind, one pays to become a licensee, a vendor, a legislator, a government official, a policeman or a judge. "

"Government jobs are given to those persons who pay huge amount to the ruling party politicians and leaders."

"Government had failed to formulate a permanent recruitment policy for providing jobs to the educated jobless youths."

"Our conviction rate in corruption cases is as low as six per cent. Hence corruption has become a low-risk, high-profit activity."

"While the public service commission has few jobs to offer, the subordinate services federation, whose staff-strength has gone up from five to 20 in two years, hardly selects anyone. The government now gives class four jobs to under-matric youth who could be potential militants. It is the ministers who select on the basis of lists given by MLAs and MLCs. "These jobs are on sale. The going rate is Rs 50,000," alleged an angry resident."

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Taking bribes on Births and dead bodies
  Posted By: IndiaEyeWitness.Com / Date:
State: Any State   District: Any District   City: Any Place  

One story I know about is, One NRI (it is same for anyone) came to India to complete the kharma kaanda (Process performed after death) of his father after a sudden death. He needs a death certificate to complete some process at home. He is being asked for money (bribe) to give a death certificate immediate very next day even though govt. officer can see that this guy is still crying and is in depression of father's death and a proof of clean shaved head.

One another friend had sent his wife to India for delivery and they are planned to go back to the country as soon as the contract of his work period is completed. When the baby is 10 months old, he need a birth certificate to bring them back. They didn't give him a birth-certificate until he pays bribe, and the reason shown to him is "ye nri ka beta hai.. lafda hai bhai.." . Then he applied for passport and police came to his home for 'Criminal enquiry' for 10 months old baby. And a clean certificate will be issued after giving bribe.

Karnataka.com (link: http://www.karnataka.com/govt/corruption/) is showing a bribe rate card applicable in Bangalore. Birth/Death certificate [genuine cases] - Rs 250/-
Birth/Death certificate [fake cases] - Rs 500+
Burying a dead body:
1. Rs 100 to shift the body from van
2. Rs 150 for the person who gives a bath
3. Rs 500-Rs 2500 for postmortem [in Victoria hospital]. If you don't pay they will tell you they found alcohol in the body and it is a police case.
4. Rs 1000 to bury the body

How we can change these guys who are doing a business on births and deaths? I don’t know how their family can build their house with this kind of money earned on dead bodies and innocent newly borne babies?

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Open Invitation to CMD BSNL NEW DELHI
  Posted By: Avinash Murkute / Date:
State: Maharashtra   District: Nagpur   City: Nagpur  

Avinash Murkute
D-23, Vaibhavnagar, Wanadongri, B/h YCCE, Hingna Road
Nagpur - 441 110
Dead Telephone: +91-07104-76066


Sub: Open Invitation For Inquiry (Corruption In BSNL Nagpur)

Respected Sir,

Since this is the sensetive information I am again writing to your office for the needful.

On date 23-11-2002 Hingna Exchange Staff Mr. Dubey accepted Rs. 50.00
as illegal remuneration for installation of new telephone connection. This is the 10Th incidence in year 2002 I am informing you.

On date 04-Jan-2003 STD call was made right from the Hingna Rural Exchange with the connivance of Hingna Exchange Staff Mr. Fulzele. The person who made the call was not only provided free entry to Hingna Exchange Telecom Network but Mr. Fulzele (TTO) also abused the right given to him for free entry to subscriber's telecom network installations. Call was made right from the telephone exchange racks and cards.

Why Such thing keep happening in BSNL Nagpur - Reason your PGM Mr. Poorna Chandra Sahu is protecting captain of corruption in BSNL Nagpur i.e. Mr. Yash Panhekar Area Manager Rural. Your office was already informed regarding his corruption activities including defrauding the BSNL by showing favours to contractors who have made inferior installation of cables.

Hope this time you don't hesitate to take serious actions. I can provide you follwing details on oath & free of cost provided you promise me to initiate impartial inquiry.

1) Date of Intrusion in Hingna Rural Exchange
2) Staff who allowed call from exchange
3) Number called from exchange
4) Approximate time & Duration
5) Name of the caller.

Hope you treat this as confidential information & help me fight corruption. Wish You Corruption Free Happy New Year No Matter My Telephone Remains Dead.

You may forward this email to PGM Nagpur.
Avinash Murkute.

Editor message:
First congratulate and support Mr. Avinash to come forward and fighting against corruption. We found lot of similar incidents in any govt. controlled telecom offices. The employees some time take money from people and route their calls through one of the customers account, who is not using their allocated minutes or who are calling most frequently. This is causing for higher bills in consumers account and loss in govt. profits.
After we read this open letter from Mr. Avinash, you might have a better picture on what we should do to clean this corruption.
Please submit your suggestions so that every telephone consumer can take a proper action.

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Irregularities in appointments at tata memorial centre by dr. k.a dinshaw, director.
  Posted By: prajakta / Date:
State: Maharashtra   District: Mumbai   City:  

The Fifth Estate

irregularities in appointments at Tata Hospital

Date: 3 September 2002



We the vigilant citizens of Vigilant India Front would like to bring to your kind notice that the cancer of fixing of posts in Tata Memorial Hospital is spreading viciously. Even before the posts are advertised the appointment of the candidate favored is preplanned and further after advertised executed to perfection. This has been taking place in total disregard to the policies set up by the department of atomic energy under whose administrative control Tata Memorial Hospital has been functioning. Candidates are being pre-decided/ fixed even before the advertisements are displayed and further only these candidates are posted/ appointed for the advertised post. This high level of corruption has been instrumental in the appointment of in mediocre/ sub standard candidates for the advertised posts. To substantiate the above, we would like to bring to your kind notice facts which will prove the fraudulent means adopted and malpractices carried out in Tata Memorial Hospital. We strongly feel that this is only the tip of the iceberg and a lot lays below water. A whole can of worms will emerge upon through investigations. The truth will certainly be very bitter.

A) Recruitment for post of Telephone Operator. (Advertised in the Daily National


The Human Resources Development Department of Tata Memorial Hospital had advertised for two posts of Telephone Operator vide advertisement No. 3/2001.The posts were in the Telecommunication department, one each in the general and handicapped category. While there was an open advertisement for the above post, from the manner in which the recruitment has taken place it clearly shows that the above posts have been pre planned/ pre-decided even before they were advertised. On hands raining was being provided to the candidates related to the employees of Tata Memorial and had applied for the above post. Only candidates related to the employees were trained under the garb of 'OBSERVER' in the Telecommunications Department. The candidates were given full opportunity to be trained by existing telephone operator's, learn the 'EPBX' Telephone boards, and learn the existing internal paging system installed at the Hospital. This has given undue advantage to the candidate's related specifically to the employees of Tata Memorial Hospital. This opportunity was given after the posts were advertised and the said employee related candidates had applied for the same. Each such candidate received nearly one month of the above training. The above advantage has deprived the chances of the external candidates to get a fair opportunity for trade test and interview conducted there by jeopardizing their careers. We strongly feel that the doing of this on the part of the management is highly unethical and unjustified. The above manner of recruitment is also violates the constitutional rights of other candidates applied for the above post. We are here in submitting you the full details of the above candidates for your information.

· Mr. Nitin Kajrolkar. S/o. Mr. Rajesh Kajrolkar, Working in Cafeteria Department, TMH.
· Mrs. Geeta Loke. W/o. Mr. Jitendra Loke, Working in Medical Artist Department, TMH
· Miss. Vishnu Priya. D/o. Mrs. Perundevi, Working as Senior Assistant to the former

Chief Administrative Officer, TMC.

It is also known to us that the interview call letters to certain candidates who are related to the employees for the above post were given by the special intervention of the former Chief Administrative Officer/ Chief Vigilance Officer (TMC). To appease the employees of the hospital, the authority concerned blatantly flouted rules. The names of the said candidates were not in the original list of candidates selected by the Senior Administrative Officer and Personal Officer. The below candidates did not fulfill the norms set up by the committee who have scrutinized the application forms of all the candidates. We are submitting the names of the said candidates below.

1) Mrs. Geeta Loke.W/o Mr. Jitendra Loke, Working in Medical Artist department, Tata

Memorial Hospital.
2) Mr. Nitin Kajrolkar. S/o Mr. Rajesh Kajrolkar, Working in Cafeteria Department, Tata Memorial Hospital.
3) Mr. Prakash Buchade. S/o Mr. Buchade, Working as butler in ward, Labour staff, Tata Memorial Hospital.

In the handicapped category, only one candidate was called for interview. The said candidate was given full opportunity to train in the telecommunication Department of Tata Memorial Hospital for a period of one-month before the trade test and interview were conducted. The said candidate was taking on hands training until the date of trade test and interview. We are strongly made to believe that, by calling only this candidate for interview in the handicapped category. The post in the handicapped category has been pre-decided and pre planned. The name of the said candidate is Miss. Vishnu Priya. D/o Mrs. Perundevi, Senior Assistant, former Chief Administrative Officer, Tata Memorial Centre. The mother is presently working as Sr., Assistant, Joint Controller (F&A) and Officiating Chief Administrative Officer. The employee appointed is still on prohibition period in Tata Memorial Hospital at present. This recruitment took place when the former Chief Administrative officer was in office. We have apprehensions about the handicapped certificate produced by the candidate. The candidate has claimed handicapped by eyesight. The candidate can not only see normally but also read fine print.

B) Recruitment to the post of Attendant cum Tailor in the Linen Department of Tata Memorial Hospital.

All the norms for induction/ appointment of the said staff were totally violated to favor the recruitment of the candidate for the above post. The vacancy was not advertised in the newspapers on all India basis and/or notification sent to the employment exchanges and 'Employment News' nor the vacancy was advertised on the notice board of Tata Memorial Hospital. The candidate is Mrs. S. T. Ranaware. The candidate is the wife of Mr. Tukaram Ranaware, presently working in the Main Office of Tata Memorial Centre. For the past few years, the candidate was working in the linen department on ad-hoc basis for a period of less than 90 days. The candidate was being paid a fixed remuneration. The said candidate has been put on probation period since few months and due to become permanent in a short period. The candidate was not only over aged at the time of appointment but also did not possess any certificate in tailoring. Undue favor has been done to fill the above post. We would request to scrutinize the malpractice in the above case.

C) Recruitment to the post of Lower Division Clerk's. (> 20 posts), list of candidates in Annexure (1).

In the year 1999, a notice was put up on the board of Tata Memorial Hospital for the post of Leave Substitute Lower Division Clerk on purely temporary basis. For the month of April to June on a fixed remuneration for the same year i.e 1999. The interviews were conducted. The candidates were continued work in the hospital even after the period mentioned in the notice was over. The continuation was on ad-hoc basis for less than 90 days. Since the year 2001 as vacancies are created the said same candidates are being absorbed in place of permanent vacancies. The vacancies for the said posts have not been advertised in the newspapers on All India basis and/ or notified to the Employment Exchanges and ' Employment News' or the notice board of Tata Memorial Hospital. The norms for induction of new staff at the Centre have been totally violated. The names of the said candidates are being provided in Annexure (1) for ready reference and investigation. The attached Annexure clearly shows that the number of candidates absorbed from leave substitute lower division clerk is particularly high in number. The provisions enshrined in the constitution of India have been violated to favor the few by fraudulent means. More than 90percent of the staff mentioned in Annexure (1) are on prohibition period at the present date.

Annexure (1)


Sr. NO. Name of Appointed candidate Department*
1 Miss. S.K.SAMANT Accounts
2 Miss. P.S. POOJARI Gen. OPD
3 Miss. V. R. KAJROLKAR Purchase
4 Mrs. M.D. NAKHWA Radio Diagnosis
5 Mrs. K. K. VARADKAR Microbiology
6 Mr. S. D. PEDNEKAR Main stores
7 Mr. M. D. INDULKAR Radio- diagnoses
8 Mrs. A.S. KULKARNI Private OPD
9 Miss. S. M. CHAVAN P.R.O
10 Mr. S. D. KAPSE Hrdd
11 Mr. R. B. SAWANT Engineering
12 Miss. V. W. PARAB Medical Suptd.
13 Miss. U. M. PATEL Purchase
14 Mrs. S. S. Shetty P.R.O
15 Mr. H. D. MHATRE Hrdd
16 Miss. P. R. KADAM Pathology
18 Mr. A. K. SOLANKI Gen. O.P.D
19 Miss. A. N. PAWAR Accounts
20 Miss. R. K. KUMAMEKAR P.R.O
22 Miss. A. V. KAMBLE Blood- Bank
23 Mr. R. P. KHADPE Radio-diagnosis
24 Miss. S. V. DESHMUKH Private OPD

* Department may have changed.

D) Recruitment of Attendant in Central Government pays scales. (Year 1994).
Applications were invited from employees working in Tata Memorial hospital inviting their sons to apply for the post of attendant in Tata Memorial Hospital. The said notice was put up on the notice board of Tata Memorial Centre. The posts were not advertised in the newspapers an All India basis and/or notification sent to the Employment Exchange and Employment News. The employed attendants on permanent basis are working in the hospital at various departments. All the Attendant employed are sons of employees in Tata Memorial Centre.

E) Recruitment in Labour Category.

1) Helpers recruited in the Engineering Department (Year-1993)
In the year 1993, a notice for T.M.C employees was put up on the notice board of Tata Memorial Centre inviting their son's to apply for training them as 'HELPER' in the engineering department. The employees son's were taken as trainees and further recruited in the hospital within a period of Two years. The said posts were not advertised in the newspapers on All India basis and/or notification sent to the Employment Exchange and Employment News. The employee's sons are working in the engineering department as permanent staff.

2) Recruitment of Ward-boy's, Ayah's, Sweeper women.(Since year 1996).
The recruitment to the above posts has been carried out after the year1996. The pay scales for the above posts were of Bombay Municipal Corporation. All recruited candidate's are son's/ daughter's and spouse of employees working in Tata Memorial Centre. The above posts have been recruited without advertisements in the newspapers on All India basis and/or notification to the Employment Exchange and Employment News. The post of Ward- boy was notified on the notice board of the centre. The educational qualification required was eighth standard and age limit as per norms prescribed was notified. All citizens of India eligible and interested could apply for the post of Ward- boy. The applications were scrutinized and applicants found eligible called for interview. Many candidates were interviewed for the post. The norm of educational qualification was changed and only sons of employees working in T. M.C were employed for the Ward- boy post. The said Ward -boys are working as permanent employees of Tata Memorial Hospital. The post of Ayahs, recruitment was made on daily wages. Age limit was not prescribed for the post of ayah. Most of the ayahs were over aged at the time of recruitment on daily wages basis. The posts were regularized and are working as permanent employees in the hospital .

Unauthorized Promotion for Security Staff year 2002.
The government directives regarding promotions/ up gradations and new appointments are well known. Save is the word that is important. While the Government is cutting flabs at every opportunity, up gradations are being awarded to favorite candidates. The basic norms as under the administrative control of Department Of Atomic Energy are being openly flouted to please a few. Three Senior Assistant Security Officers belonging to the administrative category were promoted in July  2002 to Security officer in total violation to the norms set up by D.A.E. It is a well-known fact that promotions in administrative category arise only when new posts are created or vacated. This was not the case in the above concerned promotion. We are submitting the names of the promoted candidates herewith.

Mr. Pawar, Mr. Naik, Mr. Jayraman.

Post of Operation Theatre(Manager)

The post of operation theatre manager was filled by pre planning and pre decision, this post has also gone to an employees daughter. We also do not know whether this post was advertised. The name of the parent employee is Mr. Nair, working in the security department and the name of the ward working is Mrs. Panicker.

**Post of Chief Administrative Officer. (Advertised in June2002)

In June 2002, applications have been invited for the post of Chief Administrative Officer, Tata Memorial Centre. We understand that even this post which requires an able administrator has been pre decided. The qualification, age, and norms have been ditto copied from the service book of Mr. T. Anbumani, JT Controller (F&A) and Officiating Chief Administrative Officer serving at Tata Memorial Hospital. The M.B.A done by Mr. T. Anbumani is in the financial category and not in the administrative or medical/ Health sector and hence he is also the Head of the Finance and Accounts Department in the Hospital. The age has been perfected keeping in mind the pre decided candidate. The Diploma in Health Administration should have also requisite experience in the administrative sector. Tata Memorial Centre has more than three thousand employees working under it. The caliber of a person who has been pre decided and has handled not more than fifty staff in his own department can be well judged. We have no personal grudge against the candidate but his appointment being fixed in a pre decided manner calls for a review.

**Latest pre-planned advertisment.

We request Padmashree, Dr. (Ms) K. A. Dinshaw, Director Tata Memorial Centre to file a reply to this open letter within a period of seven days and also carry out remedial measures to cure the maladies of irregularities of appointments and promotions carried out in this great institution. We strongly feel this gross abusing and misuse of power by the authority concern is certainly hurt the name of this great institution which is seen as an icon in the field of cancer. We hope the director will keep the dignity high and will come out clean on this matter of relevance and importance. The shrinking of reply to this letter will only show that only the truth is being display to the world. It is a well-known fact that Head of surgery, Head of Medical oncology including Head of units in Surgery of Tata Memorial Hospital has resigned. Vacant posts are being frequently advertised and new appointments being made in the hospital. If these fraudulent means are applied for the appointment of the posts, the patients will suffer dire health circumstances. We would request the President of India, Prime minister of India, The Central Bureau of Investigation, The Central Vigilance Commission, The Grievance Cell in D.A.E, The Grievance Cell at the Prime minister Office to take cognizance of this complaint We would also request the Supreme Court Of India to take up this matter as a petition on behalf of the unemployed due to irregularities in appointments and promotions.

We are also sending a copy to Mr. Anil Kakodkar, Chairman of Governing Council, Tata Memorial Centre. We are also requesting the Chairman, to send/ circulate copies/ of this letter to the other members of the Governing council Tata Memorial Centre. We hope stringent measures will henceforth be taken to stop such malpractices in the hospital.

We hope that the name of this great institution TATA MEMORIAL HOSPITAL is always kept high. In addition, stringent measures are taken against the guilty however high their position may be in society. We hope this matter is investigated to its roots and proper norms would be followed in the future for appointments and promotions at Tata Memorial Hospital.

Thanking you,

Yours truly,

Ms. Prajakta Mirajkar
Vigilant India Front
E-mail. v_i_f @ziplip.com 

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Fixing of post of senior administrative officer by dr. K.a.dinshaw and mr. T. Anbumani
  Posted By: PRAJAKTA MIRAJKAR / Date:
State: Maharashtra   District: Mumbai   City: Mumbai  

The Vigilant India Front would like to present in parts the corruption, misuse of office for personal use, fixing of posts/ appointments/recruitment at Tata Memorial Centre by the Director and officers in the Management. In this series we are presenting the first part as below.


Advanced clinical treatment research education centre is a unit under Tata Memorial Centre with a common Director and Chief Administrative Officer and Chief Vigilance Officer.

The post of Senior Administrative Officer was notified/ Advertised in the newspapers in the year 2002. The norms of educational qualification, experience and grade were tailor made for Mr. G. Rao from New Delhi. This candidate has personal relations with the officer on special duty at ACTREC, Mr. K .L.A. Subramanium and further through him the favour of the gifting of this post is being done through the Chief Administrative Officer/ Chief Vigilance Officer and Director of Tata Memorial Centre in absolute misuse of power.

Interviews have been held on 8th February 2003 but results have not yet been declared. We declare the results of Mr. G. Rao being fixed for the above post.

We would be continuing further with this series at the earliest.

Yours truly,

Prajakta Mirajkar



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Corrupt officer is not punished in Andhra Pradesh
  Posted By: gcsekhar / Date:
State: Andhra Pradesh   District: Adilabad   City: hyderabad  

The Commissioner,
Endowment Department,


Copy submitted to The Chief Minister, The Chief
Secretary and The Secretary A.P. Vigilance Commission

Sub : Mr. N. Veera Raju, former Dy. Executive
Engineer, Guntur Endowment Department – Not considered for dismissal, as per policies of Govt of Andhra Pradesh – To be questioned in the High Court for suitable directions to the Endowment Department and other concerned authorities in this regards.– Reg.

Ref : 1) Memo no. 13573/Endts. I /942 dt:
28-11-1995 of the Principal
Secretary To Govt. of Andhra Pradesh Revenue (
Endts – I) Department addressed to the commissioner of
Endowments, Hyderabad.
2) C.No. 88/Re – Nil /93 dt: 2.11.1994 of the
Director General Anti Corruption Bureau, Hyderabad addressed to the
Principal Secretary Revenue ( Endts 1 ) Department,

In response to the cited order first and further correspondence, the Govt. of Andhra Pradesh on the recommendations of the Commissioner of Endowment might have awarded the punishment of dismissal from services to the accused officer Mr. N. Veera Raju ,former Dy. Exe. Engineer, Endowment Dept. Guntur, is the correct punishments as per policies of Govt. of Andhra Pradesh. In this connection the addressed officer and the competent officers might have adhered the instructions as laid down in the policies of Govt. of Andhra Pradesh. Whether the issue is too delayed only for illegal gratification , perhaps bribed authorities concern might have closed the matter without any proper action it seems. Hence, it is represented that kindly dismiss the officer concern immediately and uphold the administration of zero tolerance on corruption according to directions of Central Vigilance Commission New Delhi and also as per the policies of Govt. of Andhra pradesh , communicated the same as a common policy . Otherwise the issue shall be questioned in the appropriate court of Law for suitable directions as recommended in the policies.

Thanking your sir,
Yours faithfully,


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How Govt agencies exploiting commons of India /DELHI
  Posted By: BHANU / Date:
State: Any State   District: Any District   City: Delhi  

Here I am describing HOW Builders, Police, MCD, DDA joining hands to grab all civic amenities of SHEIKH SARAI -1 , This is regarding MIG flats .
Initially there was park to divide MIG flats with SAVITRI NAGAR. Which is to be covered with high walls. But it has never happened Due to Politicians .DDA MAPS WERE CHANGED? CAN WE GET OUR PARKS BACK LIKE NITIBAG PEOPLE HAS IT.

Now MIG people are threaten with dire consequences. Savitiri Nagar is DEN for builders / transporters /illegal trades. Police never goes inside this.
Builders sell their flats and show them parking space of MIG flats .MIG residents who has paid for all such services are loosing their space. Parks and parking Space is stolen from MIG residents.
Is there any way out If we can have a SERIES in media for such crimes.
Can COURTS give a prompt decision?

ANY solution u suggests.



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High level of corruption in State Electricity board
  Posted By: goindia / Date:
State: Maharashtra   District: Jalgaon   City: Jalgaon  

The State Electricity board (MSEB) Offices in Jalgaon has upraised in corruption so that your complain with the board is not going to be entertained unless you put a weight of money over your complain regardless of what is in the complain. These people look like have started their businesses over the govt. platform. without any barriers. These people use very rough language so that a common person cannot stand infront of them, if you are not going to put the weight of money on your complain, you should feel you are in trouble.
This seem a hopeless case of MSEB until privatisation.  

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corrupt judge
  Posted By: jvalamuki / Date: 12/22/2005
State: Andhra   District: Warangal   City:  

The most corrupt and harmful Judge. Perverting the course of Justice. No fair trials. Justice depending entirely on the money on the table. Documetary evidence is immaterial. The Judge has black money of well over one crore rupees in the bank. Also substantial properties in the twin cities and his home town.He is drinking openly in the Court. Challenging anybody.
All the lawyers complained about him. but nothing was done by the Ministry of Law and Justice and the other officers. He so harmful to the poor people.

He sees no justice, hears no justice and says no justice. Issue here is " justice seen to be done " He should be dismissed wihthout any delay ?
Please provide your suggestion to get this judge to the justice. 

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Corruption in Ministry of Home Affair
  Posted By: Dinesh / Date: 7/7/2006
State: Delhi   District: Any   City:  

Hi All,

I live in Bangalore from last 5 years, my daughter is a US citizen and her US visa is expiring next 26th July 2006,

I have applied for my daughters POI card to the Mistry of Home Affair, the section officers are harrasing me to get the unncessary documents which is irrelevatent to PIO application, for every small thing they are asking me to come to Delhi. I asked them to give me list of documents to be attached with application, they told they dont have any particular list, they will take by case to case. They are asking me to go to chennai to get the birth certificate attested, and police enquiry for all the documents, they are harrising me with all unnecessary things, They have official website http://mha.nic.in but they didnt provided the enough details on site. When you call them they will not give proper response. Unless until you give them some bribe they will make your life horrible. I am trying to reach higher official to complaint about it, but the higher officials are not on seat from last 4 days. There is no one to see these corrupt official, I would request Anti corruption bureau to look into this corrupt officials. 

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Transport Department
  Posted By: shaan / Date: 2/9/2008
State: Andhra   District: Adilabad   City: MANCHERIAL  

They taking lots of money from the agents and also taking from the customers also, when the customer was illetereate person that time they had taken lot of money from the persons. 

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Retailer quoting 3times pricing for products
  Posted By: Veena / Date: 2/9/2008
State: Karnataka   District: Bangalore   City: Bangalore  

I purchased some Imitation Jewellerie from PartyPro from Jayanagar 4th Block, This is next to Hot Chips and opposite to Pavitra Hotel. I have the bill for the items I have purchased. My complaint is she has charged 3 times more for all the items that I have purchased. Yesterday I had been to Nagrath Pet for other reason and I happen to visit some shops (1gm Gold Jewellery shops) Then I observed the prices are less than 3 times for the items than PartyPro. The lady in Party Pro is cheating all the customers. I request you to enquire and help me in recovering the amount I have paid. I have purchased goods worth 12000.00 This is a very big amount she has cheated. I would have spent just Rs.3000.00 for the items if I had purchased in Nagrath Pet in City Market. 

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A public corruption at chennai central railway reservation center.
  Posted By: Parthiban.A / Date: 3/19/2008
State: Tamil   District: Chennai   City: Chennai  

I went to reserve a ticket to Chennai Central booking center (cash) on 18-Mar-08 at 6:00 AM. Already there were some people about 30 to 40 formed queue for booking. At 7:00 AM booking supervisor came and distributed reservation form and instructed to fill the form with correct detail. After that he allotted the position numbers for the 15 counters. But he retained position number 1 for about 5 counters.

Immediately, we people asked about that why he has not allotted the position
Number 1 for some these counters stating we were waiting from 4:00 AM. But he heeded nothing. At 7:30 AM some people came from Hotel Saravana bavan (A well known restaurant in chennai city) took the positions at counter as first one. This was noted by their uniforms they wearing.

Public came at 4:00 AM and waiting for the reservation opening at 8:00 AM. Who is this bloody to decline the public rights to get bribe from these agents. People are satisfied with railway's services even though there is some interruption by these booking agents doing some bulk bookings. But Railway Employees like these supervisor doing some awkward corruptions very frank and so bold working in railway department itself. 

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  Posted By: VIKRAM / Date: 5/24/2008
State: Punjab   District: Any   City: MOHALI  

Respected Sir,

I am Vikram Chauhan residing in below mentioned address in Chandigarh, represent here my grief , and ridiculous and corrupt judicial system, render the meaning of justice, brief of my facts are mentioned below for your ready references -

This is shameless and worse fact of our Judicial system,
Every official has got corrupted, ruined the meaning of justice, Judicial process is going to be a play of -

Monkey and Madari,

If accused are rich or influential, then he would be played with the play of judicial system, likely THE GAME OF MONKEY & DAMROO, AND JUDGES DANCES LIKE MONKIIES UPON THE RYTHEM OF MASTER’S DAMROO.



AS SOLELY, I had dared to expose some illegal acts of a gang of doctors, who had been openly doing their illegal and unprofessional acts- publicly, in Chandigarh, in the month of Oct/Nov-2006, with all related and rigid proofs, in the dist court of Chandigarh and health department, S.S.P. Chd, only in public interest and awareness, which was never for my personal benefit or interest.

But every officials, Judges- had filled up their pockets and supported to the accused, and in reply, same gang of the doctors, had committed such a nefarious, extremely shocking, crime which would never be done through a normal or reasonable person having a human soul and which would never be done in the history of India at all,

That on dated 06/12/06, doctors of the same gang, had brutally killed my father, through inflict a huge injury with any blades, or any sharp edged weapons, even inflict 100/150 deep sharp cuts with blades and scaled his skin from his live body even upto 10 CM in length and 5 CM in width, inflicted him till to the death of my father, as my father- had unable to move and speak, due to physical disorder, there fore couldn’t oppose them and same doctors had brutally killed him, terpa – tarpa kai, only to recover their revenge, with me and my family members.

Although Doctors of same gang had already threaten us to kill, only to recover their revenge with us, before the murder of my father, and we had already informed to S.S.P. Chd, Sh Gaurav Yadav, and Director health services, Chd, on dated 20 - 24/11/06 that accused must kill us, but every officials had openly supported to accused and on dated 06/12/06, accused had brutally murdered my father.

Although still we have been regularly going, since last more than, one and half year, to almost every higher ranked police officers, like - S.S.Ps and A.D.G.P. Law & Order, Punjab, Chandigarh Sh Chandershekher , Judges of lower and High Court under provisions of 156(3) and 482 IPC’s

But every body harassed us, and couldn’t even register this case against the accused, although accused have been regularly and openly threatening us to kill, and already have openly murdered my father even after many threats of murder to my family members, although many complaints had been submitted through us, just before the murder of my father, and prayed them to save the life of my father through the above mentioned gang, but every body even supported to this gang with fully mutual intentions.

ALTHOUGH—Every officials have been supporting to the accused, till today and trying to terminate the facts, threatening us to withdraw the complaints against accused, and directly supporting to accused.

Let me tell the facts of Officers-

Judge of Chandigarh namely M.D.S. Dhillo, unnecessary harassed us upto six/seven months, but didn’t ordered to register the case against accused, in complaint of 156(3), although showing each and every solid proof, But at last he had suggested to file the case in adequate place Mohali Punjab, after six months.

Lower court judge, of Mohali Punjab Sh. Lalit Kumar Single, knowingly and intentionally filled some non-related papers in our case file and unnecessarily have been delaying the case, on behalf of the same non related papers. We have taken certified copies of the papers, and even judge Mr Lalit Singla didn’t remove the same papers even after our many objections, didn’t ordered to register this case, and intentionally pretending us.

Judge of Punjab high court Sh.L.N.Mittal had misplaced my case file, without giving any written order to me, and I couldn’t collect the same order, till today after all efforts, as it has been terminated or misplaced.

Even State Commission Chandigarh, had ordered biased and ridiculously, hence dismissed my complaint, even didn’t mention about the subject matter, of brutally murder of my father, anywhere in the contents of his order, which was solely in question, through which complaint had been filed through me.

Although a minor child can judge the facts of my case, as each and every proofs including –

Injury shown in postmortem report.
Video film of injury
eye witnesses,
live video films of the incidents, etc-
Criminal history of accused.

Every thing had been shown to the Judge, K.C.Gupta, although written arguments had been filled up through us, in the court, as already we had doubted upon the judge K.C. Gupta, and we had already sent an complaint to Chief Justice Hon’ble K.G.Balakrishnan, through which- it had already been intimated, that the accused are misusing their political influences openly, as usually they must approached to the K.C.Gupta, But justice K.C.Gupta had even than ordered ridiculously.

We should not discuss about the Police officials, as whole of country, know that, they are made only for the support of criminals or politicians. However instead to register the case against killer of my father Police had contrary registered a false and fabricated case against us, and continuously threatening us to withdraw the complaints, against the accused.


Now it would be pertinent to mention here that- I solely opposed the illegal acts of the same gang of doctors, only to save the lives of innocent public, which had never for my personal interest, although rejected their beneficial proposals, even lost my father’s life thru the
criminal gang, but struggled in favour of humanity.






This is solely fact of the judicial system in India, hence it should be a shameful matter for the pedestal of this system, for what they have to appointed stands upon their oath.

Now please do some thing, what ever possible and adequate in the process, for my grief and convey your appropriate advise or suggestion regarding my grief.

Thanking you. Vikram Chauhan
R/O- #119, ekta vihar Baltana
Mohali Punjab

Email no- frmn119@rediffmail.com
Ph- 91-98157-32343


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Corrupt Recruitment process Fire-fighting assistant at NSCBI, Airport, Kolkata
  Posted By: Chitra / Date: 8/5/2008
State: West   District: Kolkata   City: Kolkata  

Immense corruption exists in the recruitment of fire fighting Assistant at Airport Authority of India (F.S.T.C) Narayanpur Kolkata – 136 on 31/07/08. Verification of certificates and medical checkup was conducted on candidates who had cleared the written examination for the post. The entire exercise started in a dramatic way, with employees of Airport Authority of India (AAI) coming forward to see that their children, nephews, relatives, friends, brothers were the ones who cleared this stage of interview.
Detailed below are some of the points which I have noticed & experienced on the very first day.
1. We about sixty candidates were allowed to sit in two rooms thirty each to be called serially. I noticed employees of AAI entering the room and calling their candidate to introduce them to the selection committee. When my turn came for verification of certificates the person in charge of screening my documents received a call requesting him “I have send my candidate please note down his Roll No & please see that his case is considered sympathetically & also goes through all the stages”. It appeared that the person sitting for verification of testimonials etc was inefficient in many points. (a) Calculation of my age as on 31/07/08 as per certificate. (b) Unable to find out the relevant particulars in the Driving License, issued by the competent authority,.
2. Then came the turn of my medical tests. I have noted very carefully that I was shown medically fit during the phases I underwent test. Naturally I was waiting for the medical results. I saw one of the candidates who appeared with me for the medical examination was declared unfit due to night blindness. Subsequently the boy called his father, who is an employee of AAI (F.S), entered the premises of the F.S.T.C. and made a strong request to the panel of authorities to make his son fit and subsequently it was done.
Another candidate who was also declared unfit due to short height was whispering to his neighbor who is also an employee of AAI, Eastern Region & a member of the selection committee that his height was 162 Cms which was much less then required for the post. He was also considered for the second time medical test and was declared fit.
As we were all waiting for the results to be hanged or declared we all saw that Smti MANORAMA SAHA (Manager Personnel) taking the results in her hand went to the office for making the final lists in consultation with the other authorities namely UNION, because the union leader has his nephew as one of the candidates who hails from Howrah his Name is ARCHAN DE ROY ROLL NO- 3394.
IN the meantime the principal of the F.S.T.S was explaining some points to some of us. His explanation was that all these tests were their subjects to conduct but this time the authorities have handed over this job to the Personnel Deptt of Airport Authority of India (E.R) Kolkata.
Ultimately the result was hanged & I was shocked to see that my name is not there.
I am an excellent driver and also match the necessary medical requirement, but was declared as unfit. I will tell you what my fault – My fault is that I do not know any influential person of Airport Authority of India who could push my case. My fellow candidates have been going through this exercise for yrs and say that this is a common practice every year. I now understand the level of corruption in our government organizations and also understand why these recruits turn out to be so inefficient.
I hereby request you that the Govt. authorities should not publish such advertisement to collect money from general public when it is already pre-decided that only the relatives, sons, friends, nephew’s & neighbor’s of AAI employees and union representatives will be selected.
On the fact stated above I request you to kindly to look into the matter impartially and take necessary action against the offenders and also appropriate compensation to be given to me.

Thanking You,
Chitra Dutta on behalf of her brother  

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