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"We are responsible for what we are, and whatever we wish ourselves to be, we have the power to make ourselves. If what we are now has been the result of our own past actions, it certainly follows that whatever we wish to be in future can be produced by our present actions; so we have to know how to act. "
-- Swami Vivekananda

Issues Posted > Traffic Pollution:

Traffic pollution and health problems in india cities
  Posted By: Kumar / Date:
State: Any State   District: Any District   City: Any city  

Information collected from research articles and newspapers.

"Doctors armed with the latest evidence about the effects of airborne pollution on health say the megacities of China and India, with their traffic-choked streets and dependence on coal, could become centers of premature mortality."

"Cars also throw out fine-grained particulate, which because of their small size are able to penetrate deep into the lungs. The damage airborne soot and exhaust pollution wreak on human lungs and the heart."

"Tackling traffic flow, vehicular pollution and road accidents require the same level of scientific expertise, inter- disciplinary cooperation and long-term attention as any other public health problem. "

"The pollution level of India's capital city, i.e, New Delhi is very high as compare to other important cities and therefore, health hazards of citizen as well as visitors of New Delhi are at danger. "

"Between 1970 and 1990, the number of vehicles has grown 11.5 times, from about 1.9 million to more than 21 million (MST, 1993). At the same time, the figure per 1000 population has increased from 3.4 to 25.31, and is expected to exceed 40 by the year 2000."

"Air was found to be of poor quality at all the traffic junctions and market places monitored. Air samples even from school premises have presence of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and suspended particulate matter much above permissible limits. The reason being fleet of school buses and the number of cars and scooters used by children for commuting to school."

"This signifies that more comprehensive measures to tackle air pollution must be adopted in the immediate future and implemented stringently to protect the environment. "

Pollution in everyday human life. Let's find some solutions to this problem.

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Incomplete flyover at tankbund may take eons to complete
  Posted By: Naveen / Date:
State: Andhra Pradesh   District: Hyderabad   City: Twin Cities  

Click Here to read an Article Posted by Vaarta.Com in Telugu format

Recently TimesOfIndia Reported that the Telugu Talli flyover at tankbund may take eons to complete, leaving traffic from Secretariat to Liberty Cross Roads in chaos, but for the Hyderabad Urban Development Authority the half-complete half-hanging flyover has become a major money-spinner.

The HUDA has been renting out the semi-complete flyover for film shoots. And collects a whopping Rs 10,000 for a six-hour shoot.

According to sources, the HUDA charges Rs 10,000 for six hours from film production units for using the incomplete flyover, the fate of which has been hanging in balance for the last four years. The agency had charged similar amounts to a film unit which used the under-construction flyover bridge at Narayanaguda.

The foundation stone for the Telugu Talli flyover, which was caught in administrative wrangles, was laid in 1997 and authorities took two years to complete one side of the bridge till the Ambedkar statue. As per the original plan, the flyover was supposed to land on the Upper Tankbund Road, but chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu directed officials to land the flyover on the Lower Tankbund Road.

The sudden change of course caught the officials by surprise, who lately realised that the Ambedkar statue had to be shifted, if they have lay the flyover on the Lower Tankbund route. So, the HUDA ordered reallignment of the structure, which took almost a year.

And, when HUDA officials began working on the flyover, the Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board woke up to the fact that right beneath the proposed flyover, a huge pipeline was passing through.

The Board collected Rs 1.25 crore from HUDA to shift the pipeline six months later. Now, HUDA officials claim that the work on the flyover on the Lower Tankbund Road was going on at a brisk pace.

But no progress reported till now. Do you propose any solution to complete this flyover?†

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  Posted By: Ms.Madhavi Bellani / Date: 11/25/2004
State: Any State   District:   City:  

An INDIAN INVENTION which was selected by DOW JONES for the ASIAN INNOVATION AWARD GOLD 2001 and exported to Philippines,Bangladesh,China and other countries will easily and more economically make ALL DIESEL,PETROL Vehicles including buses,lorries,diesel power gensets easily meet EURO II EMISSION NORMS.It will upgrade EURO II vehicles to EURO IV.All these stringent emission norms are achieved without ULTRA LOW SULPHUR DIESEL and EURO IV quality petrol.

The science and technology behind this INDIAN INVENTION notified by WIPO,Geneva for patent in 90 countries has also been confirmed by the U.S.Govt-Los Alamos National Laboratory in September 2004.

All the details are available at these web sites:




http://www.hydrodrive.8k.com/Electronic Catalytic Convertor.htm


The HON'BLE SUPREME COURT was totally misguided by the vested interest lobbies and by the corrupt Govt.Officials.


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Flyover Construction/Traffic Diversion-Unmonitored
  Posted By: Monica / Date: 6/21/2006
State: Haryana   District: Gurgaon   City:  

The cut near Signature Tower is becoming deadly. The DTC buses are running on opposite direction to prevent taking a long route which is scary. Police needs to monitor this rather blocking traffic at Sheetla Mata Mandir, harrassing two wheelers.†

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Recycling Glass and Plastic Bottles - Stop from throwing in trash
  Posted By: Kumar / Date: 1/31/2012
State: Any   District: Any   City:  

Do you know that an average time for a plastic material to biodegrade fully is approximately 450 years And Glass may never decompose?

The way Indian population is growing and throwing plastic bottles and other recyclable material in the garbage causes for more concern for clean environment and the pollution we are creating will hunt our future generations.

Government didnít set any rule for Indian and foreign companies on recycling the plastic or glass bottles and allowed to spread the use where ever possible. Starting from water bottles the companies are using plastic bottles for soft drinks, oil, cleaning and other products. There is no recycling requirement in any state as far as I can think of.

I request all fellow Indians and environmental experts around the world to step in and contribute your suggestions; we will take these suggestions to media and government in coming weeks.†

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